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Singing Psalm 127

Psalm singing continues to be a great joy in my family having a standard place at our evening meal. We began a little over a year ago with Psalm 128, and have added a few more along the way. As we began 2010 we introduced Psalm 127 the other really strong family Psalm. The version […]

“There are plenty of bad things that need killing”

Every once in a while I mention here items on my Children’s literature blog. Certainly one role of a pastor is to encourage families in the training of their children. Yesterday, I posted a reflection on a line from George Macdonald’s book, The Princess and Curdie. The wise, mysterious woman character encourages Curdie, a young […]

Ross Guthrie on Baptism of Children

This past Sunday my friend, Ross Guthrie, gave the following homily preceding the baptism of three children at his church. I sought permission to post this here for two main reasons. First, the age at which children should be allowed to be baptized is an issue of significant discussion and debate. While this is not […]

Teaching the Bible to Children

As part of our “Word Within the Word” conference a week ago, David and Sally Michael from Children Desiring God, led three breakout sessions on leading children in Bible Study. The Michaels were gracious enough to come even though their national conference was just this weekend. Their breakout sessions were packed and they did an […]

Shepherd Press Newsletter

I appreciate the work of Shepherd Press, and their regular newsletter is a good resource. They produce a number of good books primarily on family life. Their best known book is probably Tedd Tripp’s Shepherding a Child’s Heart , which is a great book. My point here though is their email newsletter. You can sign […]