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Sweet Harmony of Grace in the Congregation

Henry Barrow was a 17th century Puritan pastor imprisoned and eventually executed for his faith. After three years of imprisonment in despicable conditions, having not been outdoors in that time, Anglican officials visited him to convince him of his errors.  Being unsuccessful he bishop quipped that Barrow should enjoy his opportunity for solitude.  In response, […]

The Unbusy Church

I have often argued for simplifying the busy schedule churches often have. I just recently came across this quote from Craig Barnes book, The Pastor as Minor Poet: “So rather than developing a ‘seven day a week’ church that fills up the members’ lives with church activity, the poetic pastor will wonder why these folks […]

Death of Church

Walter Russell Mead has written a strong article on the decline of the mainline church.  Though he is speaking to the mainline, he makes perceptive points that apply to any church.  These are important points worth hearing.  Here are some excerpts: At the deepest level, this involves the sustainability of the church itself….  Religion will […]

The Church – Conduit of the Power of God

Hezekiah Harvey was a prominent Baptist preacher, teacher and author in the 19th century. His comments here on the importance of the church are strikingly relevant today. “The gospel becomes a permanent and aggressive power on earth only through the church, the divinely constituted organization, to which God has committed it, and through which it […]

Should Churches Be as Friendly as a Bar?

Mark Galli has a good article by this title in Christianity Today. He interacts with a recent survey and those fretting over its results which suggest people do not view churches as being as friendly as bars. He raises good questions about the assumptions of those who fret this. He comments: Could it be that […]

Think and Act Locally

Barry Maxwell has a great post on the centrality of the local church in the Christian life. He particularly critiques the temptation to focus on big names and distant issues rather than focusing on personal relationships with the people with whom you are covenanted. Here is an excerpt: In no way minimizing the gift these […]

Our Need of the Church

I recently read this quote from Gresham Machen posted by Darryl Hart. I found myself saying, “Yes!” and “Thank you Lord for my church!” . . . whatever the solution there may be, one thing is clear. There must be somewhere groups of redeemed men and women who can gather together humbly in the name […]

The Value of the Rural Church

For a few years now I have been wanting to write an essay on the value of rural churches and the need to appreciate them- for pastors to see them as valuable and not simply stepping stones to something really important. So I was delighted to see Tim Keller’s recent post on this very topic […]

Horton on Home & Church

I just came across this quote posted by my friend Justin Wainscott.I thought it followed well my post on the importance of stories.We parents must orient our lives and families so as to show our children that God’s story is the central realities of our lives thus showing them the way to follow.   Christian […]

Launch of New Church

I am privileged this morning to assist in leading a special service to launch Grace Community Church (SBC) in Martin, TN a church plant from Cornerstone Community Church (SBC), where I serve. In this service we will officially constitute the new church, ordain two new pastors and install Chad Davis, who has been serving as […]