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Ryan Center Conferences in 2011

I am pleased to be busily working on two conferences through the Ryan Center for Biblical Studies for 2011.  I believe both will be helpful for pastors and laypeople. This Spring we will host our regular bi-annual Bible study conference.  This time our theme will be “Read the Bible for Life” and our plenary speaker […]

Communicating Familiar Truths Conference

On Thursday, April 29 Greg Thornbury & I will be speaking at the “Communicating Familiar Bible Stories in Unfamiliar Ways” conference at FBC Goodlettsville. The basic schedule is as follows: 8:30- Registration & coffee Session 1- “Staying Alive to the Living Word”, Ray Van Neste Session 2- “The Bible is Strange When You are a […]

Middle TN Bible Conference, April 29

On Thursday, April 29, Greg Thornbury and I will be the speakers for a one day Bible conference with the theme, “Communicating Familiar Bible Stories in Unfamiliar Ways,” hosted by Union University, Hendersonville. We will be considering the familiar pastoral struggle of preaching texts which you feel like the people already know very well. Pastors […]

Shepherding Conference Update

As I previously mentioned the conference “Pastoral Ministry: Shepherding God’s Flock” is coming up Tuesday and Wednesday of next week in the St. Louis area. The schedule has been adjusted, however. Dr. John Thornbury who was to speak has had to have heart surgery, and, therefore, will not be able to participate. I am told […]

Conference: “Shepherding God’s Flock”

I have the privilege of ministering alongside John Thornbury, Tom Ascol and Joseph Braden February 23-24 at a conference with the theme, “Pastoral Ministry: Shepherding God’s Flock.” I am particularly excited about the conference theme, which is the theme of this blog. These other men bring years of faithful experience in the pastorate. The Schedule […]

Conference Completed

I was away from blogging most of last week with my duties at our “Southern Baptists, Evangelicals and the Future of Denominationalism” conference. I was very pleased with the way things came together. I think ti was an important conversation about the future of the SBC with implications for broader evangelicalism. Several bloggers gave summaries […]

Challenge of Lack of Discipline in SBC

Last month I came across a very interesting discussion of the loss of discipline in Southern Baptist churches. This topic has been much discussed recently, but what made this essay particularly interesting is that it was written 50 years ago as part of a discussion held at Southern seminary when it was much less conservative. […]

Conference Next Week At Union

The “Southern Baptists, Evangelicals and the Future of Denominationalism” Conference at Union University will begin Tues of next week and run through Friday. I am excited about this conference and the conversation that will be taking place here during it. Three brief videos have recently been produced with three of our speakers talking about the […]

Southern Baptists, Evangelicals and the Future of Denominationalism

This Fall, October 6-9, Union University will host a major conference on the theme, “Southern Baptists, Evangelicals and the Future of Denominationalism.” I referred to this conference in passing previously, but now the conference website is up with details and registration. The conference is timed to celebrate the 400th anniversary of the Baptist movement and […]

Second Coming of Christ Conference

I was privileged last week to speak along with my dean, Greg Thornbury, at the Second Coming of Christ Conference at FBC Goodletsville (TN), sponsored by Union University, the Tennessee Baptist Convention and several local Baptist Associations. The people in attendance were wonderful and we had a good time studying the scripture. The messages (with […]