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Queen Victoria’s Request

Queen Victoria’s Request: A Story of Grace and Mercy, By Charles Haddon Spurgeon Illustrated by Jeff Anderson (Christian Focus, 2008), hb., 24 pp. Ages 3-6 This is a nicely illustrated, engaging story that illustrates the gospel well. Spurgeon in his characteristic way tells a down to earth story of an “old ragged, dirty beggar” who […]

Teach Children the Gospel

I have just read on Tom Ascol’s blog about a publisher of children’s Sunday School curriculum who decided that the cross is too violent for pre-schoolers and as a result they would skip the cross and resurrection in their Easter curriculum! You can see a letter of explanation and defense of their position here. This […]

Carson on Keeping the Gospel Central

Here is a lengthy quote once more from Carson’s Basics for Believers. It is long, but I think this is a good word for us today when many issues are crying out for our attention. This no doubt speaks to many situations, but I confess I am thinking primarily of my own denomination, the SBC. […]

Three Dollars Worth of Gospel

I always recommend to pastors that they purchase all of Don Carson’s little paperback expositions because I think they are some of the best expositional material available. They are models of exegesis, application, and preaching in general. I just came back across this following quote from Basics for Believers: An Exposition of Philippians . This […]

“I’ll Love You Anyway and Always”

I’ll Love You Anyway and Always, Bryan Chapell (Crossway, 2001), hb., 28 pp. I like to see prominent theologians, pastors and professors writing children’s books. Chapell has written some very helpful books on preaching and Christian living, so I was quite interested in this book. It is essentially a gospel presentation growing out of an […]

More from Vos Bio

Following on from my review of Letters of Geerhardus Vos , here are some more quotes from the biographical sketch. As I noted in the review, one of the best parts of the sketch is when Dennison addresses Vos’ dissatisfaction with cultural conservativism masquerading as Christianity. The last portion of the second quote is particularly […]

The Letters of Geerhardus Vos, A Review

Letters of Geerhardus Vos , ed. James T. Dennison (P&R Publishing, 2005), hb., 274 pp. This is an interesting book. Before reading it I knew of Vos as a key figure in the development of biblical theology, but I knew little else. I was drawn to the book precisely because I knew little about him, […]