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Alfred the Great on the Psalms

Another striking thing from Ben Merkle’s book, The White Horse King: The Life of Alfred the Great, was the value he saw in the Psalms. Well before Wycliffe, Alfred, King of Wessex, was translating the Psalms for his people as part of his “essential books everyone should read” project. “The translation of the Psalms was […]

The White Horse King: The Life of Alfred the Great

I recently read Benjamin Merkle’s The White Horse King: The Life of Alfred the Great (not the Ben Merkle at Southeastern Seminary). I have commented often here on the value of history reading for pastors (as well as others), and this book has much value in this realm as well. Alfred was an amazing man […]

Greek Among Laymen in 18th Century America

I am currently reading and enjoying Kevin J. Hayes’ recent book, The Mind of a Patriot: Patrick Henry and the World of Ideas (Univ. of Virginia Press, 2008). I like Patrick Henry, and there are many fascinating aspects to the book. One aspect just jumped out to me the other day. In discussing Patrick Henry’s […]

“For Heaven’s Sake, Teach History!”

This is the title of a good recent article at Kairos Journal. The article is a good, brief argument for the value of history generally for Christians and an encouragement for pastors to teach their people about the works of God in history. I encourage you to read it and to sign up for Kairos […]

Summer Reading, A T Robertson

In light of recent posts here on reading and particularly on reading history and fiction, I thought this comment from A. T. Robertson was pertinent. Robertson was a giant in the land as a scholar and a preacher. This quote comes from an interview with Frank Leavell in “The Baptist Student” in 1932. “For diversion […]

Summer Reading, History

In a previous post I commended the Greek New Testament as part of one’s summer reading. Here I want to commend the reading of history. Reading history has so many benefits for people in general and for pastors in particular. It is useful to broaden our horizons and our awareness of the story of humanity. […]

Particular Baptist Ecclesiology

I am excited to see James Renihan’s dissertation now available in book form! The full title is Edification and Beauty: The Practical Ecclesiology of the English Particular Baptists, 1675-1705. In the past I have only been able to access this for brief periods of time through interlibrary loan. Here is my blurb on the back […]

Douglas Bond on Calvin

I have commented often on my children’s literature blog on the books of Douglas Bond. Bond is a strong favorite in our family because his stories are so much fun and so theologically rich. I have had the privilege of reading a pre-publication copy of Bond’s forthcoming historical novel on the life of John Calvin. […]

Stories We Tell Our Children

The Stories We Tell Our Children: How the Past Is Made Present in Children’s Literature, by David Thomas (Royal Fireworks Press, 2008), pb., 156 pp. David Thomas is a friend and colleague at Union University where he teaches history. He and his wife Nan are also parents who have made purposeful, joyous reading to their […]

For the Heart of Holland

For the Heart of Holland, Piet Prins Struggle for Freedom Series, vol. 4 (Inheritance Publications, 2008; English translation), pb., 162 pp. Ages 8+ I have commented on the previous three volumes of this series here, here and here. Our favorite one is still the first volume. When we heard that the fourth volume was out […]