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Wilson on Authoritative Preaching

Here is another excerpt from Wilson’s A Serrated Edge: A Brief Defense of Biblical Satire and Trinitarian Skylarking. Here he is critiquing our current culture’s view of humility and arrogance. “We see the same thing in the conflict between biblical and modern theories of preaching. The biblical preacher is a herald, a steward. He has […]

Read with Humility

“If thou wilt receive profit, read with humility, simplicity, and faith; and seek not at any time the fame of being learned.” – Thomas A’  Kempis, The Imitation of Christ

I am like James and John

Here is a perceptive, challenging poem for those of us who are in any sort of leadership. I am like James and JohnLord, I size up other people in terms of what they can do for me; how they can further my program, feed my ego, satisfy my needs, give me strategic advantage.I exploit people, […]

Memoirs of An Ordinary Pastor by D. A. Carson

Memoirs of An Ordinary Pastor by D. A. Carson This is probably the forthcoming book about which I am most excited. I deeply appreciate the ministry of Dr. Carson as I have studied in his classes, read his books and listened to his sermons. Some who have not heard him in person may not realize […]

Humility & Henry

I have just finished reading a good book on Patrick Henry by David Vaughan. In this book Vaughan recounts Henry’s life and seeks to draw lessons in leadership. In a chapter entitled “Humility” Vaughan gives a powerful warning. “Fame is dangerous, of course, because it is deceptive. At the heels of popularity there lurks pride […]

Einstein, God & Humility

Several weeks ago on a shopping trip to Wal-Mart, my boys and I were able to do one of our favorite things on such trips- slip away to the book aisles! On this occasion I had the opportunity to thumb through Walter Isaacson’s new biography of Einstein. I was particularly intrigued to find a chapter […]

Baxter and the Dangers of Pride

I am convinced that one of the major problems in contemporary American Christianity is pride. I think this is the case in the workings of my own denomination, the Southern Baptist Convention. We so easily cave to the allure of the praise of men. Early we learn that the way forward is to lavish human-centered […]

Baptist Identity Conference & Humility

The Baptist Identity Conference held here at Union last week has been the topic of much blogging, for which I am glad. If you have not seen the links elsewhere, you can look here to download audios of all the sessions. These presentations are useful for pastors. If you are a Southern Baptist pastor, these […]

Humility: True Greatness, C. J. Mahaney

Humility: True Greatness , C. J. Mahaney This is an excellent, convicting, concrete, cross-centered, gospel-filled, immensely helpful and humble book. We have already ordered copies to have available at our church. I decided to read this book because Mahaney himself and those who serve with him exude such a real, tangible spirit of gracious humility- […]

Broadus, Preachers Without Fame

Here is a good word from John Broadus, one of our SBC giants of the past. Writing about “Preachers without Fame” he encourages us not to worry about the applause of man- something we know we ought not live for but something which has a sinister, alarming allure. “Hail, ye unknown, forgotten brethren!…The Christian world […]