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“A Sovereign Protector I Have”

A lesser known contribution from Augustus Toplady is my poem of the week this week. It is a wonderful reflection on the comfort and assurance of the fact that in Christ the Almighty is our Protector. The bedrock truth of God’s sovereign care over his people rooted in his covenant love is ever the foundation […]

Luther’s Hymn, “In Devil’s Dungeon Chained I Lay”

In his classic biography of Martin Luther, Here I Stand, Roland Bainton records Luther’s hymn, “In Devil’s Dungeon Chained I Lay.” What a beautiful, poetic proclamation of the gospel! How I need to be reminded that God “turned to me his father heart” and then to hear the Lord Jesus say, “Hold thou to me, […]

“Christian Hearts in Love United”

As I teach through John’s letters at church we are singing this hymn at each meeting. I only recently came across this hymn, but it captures much of what John says so it is wonderful to sing it together a we begin each study (we’re singing it to the tune, “Beach Spring,” rather thant he […]

“Come, Sinners, to the Gospel Feast”, Wesley

This Charles Wesley hymn is a powerful presentation of the gospel call, pleading for people to come to Christ. Come, sinners, to the Gospel feast; Let every soul be Jesus’ guest. Ye need not one be left behind, For God hath bid all mankind. Sent by my Lord, on you I call; The invitation is […]

Wonderful New Christmas Hymn

Merry Christmas from the Van Nestes! Here is a new favorite of my family’s after singing it at our church’s Christmas Eve service last night. It is a marvelous hymn, theologically rich and lyrically beautiful, written by Justin Wainscott. You can read Justin’s discussion of the hymn here. It can be sung to the tune […]

“Second Adam from Above, Reinstate Us in Thy Love”

One of the best things about classic Christmas hymns is how good they are at biblical theology, of grasping how the incarnation fits in the story of the whole Bible. Many of these songs are filled with allusions to Old Testament texts which people today often miss, and these songs often connect Christ’s coming with […]

“I Hear the Words of Love”

I encountered Horatius Bonar years ago while reading about Robert Murray McCheyne and, then, by reading his book, Words to Winners of Souls. His work has ministered to me in many ways. In his hymns he has a wonderful way of proclaiming the gospel in poetic form. My poem of the week this week is […]


William Cowper knew what it was to be discouraged, and, thus, he wrote compellingly to this struggle. My poem of the week this week is one of Cowper’s which calls the discouraged saint to look to biblical examples of the Lord’s care and intervention in order to hold fast. The last two lines are my […]

Reality of Christian Experience

This is a guest post from John Thornbury, who is currently Pastor of Worship at Bellepoint Baptist Church in Frankfort, KY. Previously, Bro. John served over 40 years as pastor of Winfield Baptist Church in PA. And, yes, he is the father of Greg. I appreciated this meditation, and Bro. John was kind enough to […]

“I Asked the Lord That I Might Grow”

This hymn by John Newton has ministered to me significantly recently so I pass it along. I asked the Lord that I might grow In faith, and love, and every grace; Might more of His salvation know, And seek, more earnestly, His face. ’Twas He who taught me thus to pray, And He, I trust, […]