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Praying for a New Pastor in Light of the Lord’s Prayer

This was originally published in our state Baptist paper back in 2005. I’m currently discussing Martin Luther’s booklet, A Simple Way to Pray, with some colleagues and the discussion of praying through the Lord’s Prayer reminded me of this. One of the most important decisions a church makes is the calling of a new pastor.  The […]

Luther, Value of Singing the Psalms

Looking back through the excellent volume, What Luther Says (an excellent resource!), I came across this passage where Luther extols the value of singing the Psalms. I have discussed previously Luther’s love of the Psalms. Here succinctly he mentions the comfort they give, how they “preach the Messiah,” and the added impact of singing them […]

Flung to the heedless winds

Here is another hymn related to the Reformation. A key aspect of the Reformation story concerns the people who died for the faith, seeking to being the Scriptures and the gospel to their people. This hymn written by martin Luther captures this reality. The story is that Luther wrote these words after getting word that […]

Luther: ‘the souls of men and women were a charge which came upon him daily’

I recently came across this comment from Luther scholar, Gordon Rupp. It contains a valuable challenge to any who are involved in biblical study and pastoral ministry. “In the National Gallery there is a Flemish landscape. The artist, Patinir, had never seen real mountains, and he practiced with shards of rock which jut grotesquely from […]

Luther on Teaching

“It behooves us to let the prophets and apostles stand at the professors’ lectern, while we, down below at their feet, listen to what they say.  It is not they who must hear what we say.” (Quoted in Timothy George,  Reading Scripture with the Reformers, 127)

Reformation and the Care of Souls

Happy Reformation Day! I was privileged to speak in chapel today at Union University for our Reformation Day chapel and chose as my topic, “The Care of Souls: The Heart of the Reformation.” My main point is that the Reformation was not simply an academic or abstract discussion but arose from the pastoral care of […]

“Preacher, Don’t Be Lazy”- Martin Luther

As a lead up to Reformation Day, here is a quote from Martin Luther on the need for hard work in the preaching. I have taken the quote from John Piper’s ebook, Martin Luther: Lessons from His Life and Labor, which is currently available free. Some pastors and preachers are lazy and no good. They […]

Luther on the Preciousness of the Psalter

Throughout the history of the church, key leaders have extolled the value of the Psalms, even its unique value within the canon, typically because it summarizes the whole of scripture and teaches us to worship. Here is Luther echoing this sentiment: “The Psalter ought to be a precious and beloved book, if for no other […]

Prayer While Studying and Teaching

From every error keep us free; Let none but Christ our Master be, That we in living faith abide, In Him with all our might confide. “Come, Holy Spirit, God and Lord,” Martin Luther (Trans. Katherine Winkworth)

Martin Luther, Let us Rejoice

I just came across this hymn by Martin Luther.  From what I could uncover the translator (into English) is unknown.  This is a good word in preparation for corporate worship in the morning. 1. Dear Christians, let us now rejoice, And dance in joyous measure; That, of good cheer, and with one voice, We sing […]