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New Festschrift for Howard Marshall

Over the holidays the new festschrift for Howard Marshall became available through Amazon. It is titled New Testament Theology in Light of the Church’s Mission: Essays in Honor of I. Howard Marshall, and I had the pleasure of co-editing it with Jon Laansma and Grant Osborne. In light of Howard’s profound influence on New Testament […]

350 Pounds of Books

Here is a statement just released from Union University’s Ryan Center for Biblical Studies about a wonderful opportunity: The Ryan Center has an exciting opportunity to partner with Indigenous Outreach International in their ministry in Ethiopia. IOI, founded and led by Union alum Patrick Beard, has been working in Ethiopia for years. This April they […]

The King of Glory

This past Sunday I benefited greatly from a powerful sermon on Psalm 24 by Tom Fox, former IMB missionary and fellow member at Cornerstone. Tom particularly emphasized the point from verses 1-2 that God is not a tribal deity- His concerns embrace the whole world. Tom’s applications on world mission were compelling. He mentioned reading […]

God Deserving of Universal Praise

“Make a joyful noise to the Lord, all the earth!” (Psalm 100:1) “What the singers undertake has to do with the world, and should their horizon be at all foreshortened, the happening would immediately decay into something else. Against all practicality or human expectation of being heard, they summon mankind … nor do they measure […]

Ministry in Zimbabwe

One of the young men at our church, Mike Evans, is serving as an intern this summer at Central Baptist Church in Harare, Zimbabwe and is chronicling his experience at a blog, “Entrusted With the Gospel.” I am finding his reflections encouraging and challenging so I wanted to pass it along. The following is from […]

Missions with Children

This past Sunday night the children at our church shared with the rest of the congregation what they have been learning on Sunday nights over the last year. On Sunday nights the adults have a prayer meeting. The children then also pray, work on scripture memory and are systematically working through the countries of the […]

New Church Building in Kenya

My friend Phil Eyster has just returned from Kenya today. I posted a few days ago about part of his work there. In the photo gallery from his trip I noticed this photo of the first church building for a new church plant there.It is good for us to be aware of the work of […]

Mission in Kenya

My good friend Phil Eyster, of Eagle Projects International, is in Kenya preaching the gospel and providing theological training for local pastors. He has no internet access but with a cell signal he has been able to send out updates. It was amazing to me to receive a note and this photo from him just […]

Christmas and Missions

My friend Phil Eyster at Eagle Projects International just posted this photo sent to him from a friend in a Muslim country (you can see his comments at the blog). You can see the blood covering the streets after the Festival of Sacrifice last week. As we approach Christmas it is good to be reminded […]

Persecution and Slavery in Asia

My friend Phil Eyster, of Eagle Projects International, has just returned from a mission trip to Asia and has reported on it in his mission ‘plogs’ (follow the link and click on ‘plogs’). The photo shown here is of some girls they have helped rescue from the child slavery market. Phil wrote: I wanted to […]