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Lord Peter Wimsey & Biblical Studies

I am catching up with everyone else by finally reading one of Dorothy Sayers’ Lord Peter Wimsey novels (actually listening to it thanks to the free audio at Librivox).  It is an entertaining story with several insightful comments on life. This morning I was captivated by the section below from Chapter 7 in which the […]

Prophetic Presence in the Halls of Power

Here is another quote from Conan Doyle’s, The White Company. The English knights and company while staying with some French nobility hear from the French nobleman how low he thinks of the common people under his rule.  Doyle, as a good Englishman contrasts this with the free heartiness of Englishmen, but then moves on to […]

Conan Doyle on Pride

I have often commented here on the value of broad reading in literature.  One value is that good stories tend to include keen insight into human nature. Currently I am listening to the audio of one of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s lesser known novels, The White Company.  The story is set in 14th century Europe […]

Read Broadly

“God did not intend that we study our Bibles in a mental vacuum.  John Nelson Darby and G. Campbell Morgan both decided that for an extended time they would read only the Bible.  They soon discovered that this plan was a mistake.  The danger of reading only the Bible is that we do not then […]

The White Horse King: The Life of Alfred the Great

I recently read Benjamin Merkle’s The White Horse King: The Life of Alfred the Great (not the Ben Merkle at Southeastern Seminary). I have commented often here on the value of history reading for pastors (as well as others), and this book has much value in this realm as well. Alfred was an amazing man […]

Imagination the Basis of Ethics, Worldview

David Mills’ article, “Enchanting Children: Training Up a Child Requires a Well Formed Imagination” (from Touchstone) is a great resource for parents. He deals with several issues, primarily the importance of the imagination in shaping life.  He argues that the imagination shapes life more than the facts we know and that stories are the key factor […]

I Can Read God’s Word

I Can Read God’s Word, Phil A. Smouse(Barbour Publishing, 2008), pb., 256 pp.Ages 5-7 This book is a collection of Bible passages and stories nicely paraphrased for young children to read on their own. They stay pretty close to the text itself and encourage phonetic recognition. Each story/passage also has a summary with some application […]

Ortlund Encouragement to Read the Bible

Ray Ortlund has recently posted three items that are powerful encouragements in reading the Scriptures- not just today but over the decades. These thoughts have lingered with me, some over several days, challenging me deeply and encouraging me just as deeply. They have made me want to be more diligent, more consistent, more believing and […]

Tolkien, Read Books Above You

I recently came across a great comment from one of J. R. R. Tolkien’s letters (written in April 1959). Tolkien is advocating reading books with more difficult books to children rather than confining the reading to easier books. Tolkien states: “A good vocabulary is not acquired by reading books written according to some notion of […]

Summer Reading, A T Robertson

In light of recent posts here on reading and particularly on reading history and fiction, I thought this comment from A. T. Robertson was pertinent. Robertson was a giant in the land as a scholar and a preacher. This quote comes from an interview with Frank Leavell in “The Baptist Student” in 1932. “For diversion […]