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Tom Schreiner resources

Tom Schreiner has updated his faculty page on the Southern Seminary website to include many of his articles, essays, book reviews and presentations. This page is now a mine of rich resources in biblical and theological studies (including some unpublished items). Tom is a great scholar and a pastor, and it is a joy to […]

Thanksgiving Meditation

“always giving thanks for all things in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ to God, even the Father” (Eph 5:20) Here is an important statement from Paul regarding the giving of thanks. But what does it mean when it says to “give thanks for all things”? Some seem to think it calls for that […]

Update on Stewart Book

I am currently at the Society for Biblical Literature annual meeting in Philadelphia. I have talked with the people at Wipf & Stock Publishers, and they were very receptive to the idea of reprinting James Stewart’s book Thine is the Kingdom, which I have commented on here (first post; second post; third post). They have […]

Wrestling with the Text

In looking over some old sermon notes, I came across this little poem I had written in response to struggling with a fairly difficult passage- one where I really wrestled to understand its meaning and application, but in the end found it to be very rich and especially pertinent to our situation. Here’s the poem: […]

A Weekend Hymn

As I sat down this evening to prepare for teaching in the morning, my eyes came across my copy of The Church Hymnary, a little hymnal I picked up in Scotland. I had not looked at it recently, so I picked it up, and as I glanced through it I came upon this hymn in […]

Philosophy of Pastoral Ministry

One thing I especially want to write about here, but have not yet gotten to is the issue of oversight itself. I am convinced that the oversight of souls is the heart of pastoral ministry. Everything else emerges from this concept. Our teaching, preaching, counseling, rebuking, encouraging, visiting and working on the way the church […]

Some Thoughts on Reading

Reading is an essential discipline for the pastor, indeed for any Christian who is able. A few years ago when invited to speak to a group of college students who aspired to the pastorate, I told them (what had become a common line for me), “If you do not like to read, reconsider your calling.” […]

The Pursuit of Holiness

One of our Wednesday night classes at my church is studying Jerry Bridges’ classic little book, The Pursuit of Holiness. As a part of the class I am re-reading this book which I first read almost 15 years ago in college. As I have re-read especially the first half of the book I have been […]

Thoughts on Books for Reading with Your Children

One thing I hope to do from time to time is to share my thoughts on certain books on biblical and theological issues for children. It is essential for the church to train parents to disciple their children. One part of this is reading good books to them. Reclaiming this practice will not only instruct […]

Missions Undergirded by Theology, Stewart Again

Returning to thoughts from James Stewart’s great little book on missions, Thine is the Kingdom, Stewart regularly pounds home the theme that our eschatology matters in missions. While there are differences in the realm of eschatology, we must be certain and clear that Christ is reigning now- he is not waiting to reign. Christ reigns. […]