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Overview of ETS Pastoral Epistles Group

Over at I have posted a brief overview of the Pastoral Epistles group meeting at the Evangelical Theological Society and an update on our work.

How Hard is Pastoral Ministry

Carl Trueman has helpfully challenged the common discussion of how hard pastoral ministry is. I encourage you to read his post. Is pastoral ministry difficult? Of course. Life is difficult as a sinner in a fallen world. But the problem comes when anyone begins to talk about their life, their setting, their calling as the […]

History of Redemption in Romans

Kenneth Berding’s new book, Workbook in Romans: Arranged According to the History of Redemption, has just been released. It is the inaugural volume in a new series, Workbooks in the History of Redemption, and is published by Weaver Book Company I had the privilege of seeing the book before publication and wrote the following commendation […]

Happy Birthday, Samuel Davies

Yesterday was the 290th anniversary of the birth of Samuel Davies (1723-1761), a powerful preacher during the Great Awakening in colonial America. Davies was a skilled orator whose rhetorical style influenced a young Patrick Henry. He eventually succeeded Jonathan Edwards as president of the College of New Jersey (later renamed Princeton). On one fundraising trip […]