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Annual Survey of Bible Reference Works for Preaching Magazine

I have recently finished this year’s survey of new study Bibles and Bible reference works for Preaching Magazine (links to most of the previous years’ installments can be found on the “Publications” page of this site). The photo above shows most of the books which are dealt with in the article which is scheduled to appear […]

Dennis Kinlaw, Lectures in Old Testament Theology

Last week I spent some time in Lectures in Old Testament Theology, by Dennis Kinlaw (with John Oswalt). This is a very useful summary of Old Testament teaching. It is essentially the transcripts of oral addresses and thus it reads very easily. Though aware of the academic issues, these addresses are pitched at a level […]

Invitation to the Psalms

I am not typically pleased or impressed with guides to the Psalms. The Psalms are examples of engagement with God meant to be used and most study guides treat them as objects of analysis. While the guides often make true statements, they end up with abstract categorizations rather than helps for making use of these […]

A Mouth Full of Fire

 A Mouth Full of Fire: The Word of God in the Words of Jeremiah. His opening chapter which surveys the various approaches which are often referred to as “biblical theology” is very helpful in itself. He then expounds how the book of Jeremiah presents to us a theology of revelation. Here are a couple of […]