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It Began with a Parachute

It Began With a Parachute, by William R. Rang (Inheritance Publications, 2000), pb., 93 pp. Ages 6+ This story takes place in occupied Holland during World War II. Twelve year old Bert takes it upon himself to help an Allied airman who is shot down near his town and in the process discovers that his […]

Summer Reading, History

In a previous post I commended the Greek New Testament as part of one’s summer reading. Here I want to commend the reading of history. Reading history has so many benefits for people in general and for pastors in particular. It is useful to broaden our horizons and our awareness of the story of humanity. […]

Self-reliant, High-Pressure Evangelism Illustrated

If you have read Mark Dever’s good little book on evangelism, then you have seen an excerpt from C. S. Lovett’s Evangelism Made Easy used to illustrate the overly pragmatic approach to evangelism which relies on psychological pressure and aims simply at “decisions.” Now Tim Challies has more quotes along with the illustrations from Lovett’s […]

As part of my class on Paul’s letters one of the daily assignments always is to trace the argument of a paragraph in Paul’s letters.Tom Schreiner has a helpful discussion of this in his little book Interpreting the Pauline Epistles, and some readers may have heard John Piper talk about “arcing.” I have just recently […]

Summer Reading, Greek

Greek students often ask what they can do over the summer to maintain the Greek they have learned and to really begin to use it. Pastors who have been out of school for a while often ask about tools to help revive their Greek skills. For both groups, and anyone interested in reading the Greek […]

Theology in Verse

My friend Justin Wainscott has started a blog called, Theology in Verse and I encourage you to check it out.He has posted on a number of topics, quite often posting poems and hymns several of them his own.He recently posted his hymn, Jesus Christ our Priestly Savior, which he wrote after hearing D. A. Carson, […]

Missions with Children

This past Sunday night the children at our church shared with the rest of the congregation what they have been learning on Sunday nights over the last year. On Sunday nights the adults have a prayer meeting. The children then also pray, work on scripture memory and are systematically working through the countries of the […]

Humility & Hope in Psalm 49

As part of the Psalms Project We recently had the privilege of hosting Michael Morgan as he displayed a small portion of his incredible, personal collection of old and rare Bibles and psalters. One of the rare psalters was: William Tattersall’s collection, A Metrical Paraphrase of the Psalms, Originally Written by the Rev. James Merrick, […]

‘Twas the Night Before Summer

‘Twas the Night Before Summer By Anne Margaret Lewis Illustrated by Wendy Popko (Mackinac Island Press) My mother pointed this book out to me, sending me a web link where the full book could be viewed online. The story is not a deep or theological one, but is a fun tribute to summer and imagination. […]

Grant’s Psalms Booklet

When James Grant spoke on introducing your church to Psalm singing last week he handed out a very helpful little booklet. He has now posted the booklet. In this post he links to the booklet and lists some other resources. This booklet is great. It gives a basic overview of meter and lists some commonly […]