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Christian History Magazine Issue Devoted to Billy Graham

Issue 111 of Christian History Magazine is titled “Billy Graham: Apostle of Changed Lives and Second Chances” and is completely devoted to the the legacy of Graham. You can see this issue here. I am excited to peruse this issue. Here is more information about it from the press release: Christian History magazine’s guest editorial consultant, […]

New Baptism Hymn

My poem of the week last week was a new baptism hymn written by one of my pastors, Justin Wainscott. We really do have a shortage of good baptism hymns, which is odd for Baptists, so I was delighted to see this new hymn from Justin, whose poems I have posted here before. It is […]

Craven Surrender of Ministers

George Weigel’s recent essay, “Men Without Conviction, Churches Without People,” deserves reading. Here is the heart of his thesis: The radical secularization that has transformed Christianity’s heartland into the most religiously arid half-continent on the planet has at least as much to do with the craven surrender of ministers of the gospel to theological and […]