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Carl Trueman on Pastors Knowing Their People

Carl Trueman continues to sound the trumpet of real pastoral oversight.  His latest post is right on target and deserves a wide reading.  His points echo the key concerns of this blog. Here is one quote in hopes of enticing you to read the entire post, “Life Together- Or Not”: “First, I am immensely grateful […]

Missionary John Paton on Classroom Discipline

In honor of our new semester beginning next week, I thought I would post a story from the autobiography of John G. Paton, which was passed on to me by Patrick Brown. This famous, godly missionary knew how to manage a classroom. “The following week, a young man and a young woman began to attend […]

George Herbert on Life to the Glory of God

This 17th century poem, prepared later as a hymn by Wesley, captures well the truth of living all of life under the gaze of God and for his glory. “The Elixir” Teach me, my God and King, In all things Thee to see, And what I do in anything To do it as for Thee. […]

Love of Psalms, Love of the Bible

The following quote comes T. K. Cheyne’s book, The Christian Use of the Psalms, published in 1900.  Cheyne, a critical, Anglican scholar critiques what he sees as a flat, mundane use of the Psalms in Anglican churches.  I do not agree with a number of his comments and suggestions.  However, I found this section telling […]

Defining Greatness

I just heard that the “world’s most interesting man” is a guy known for recent beer commercials.  Must not be a very interesting world.  I am blessed to know some very interesting people so I don’t believe the pronouncement.  In fact this pronouncement reminds me of a comment from C. S. Lewis in a different […]