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Praise as Polemic

I have plenty of differences with Walter Brueggemann, but his sermon on Psalm 100 is very rich [“Psalm 100,” Interpretation 39 (1985): 65-69]. The following quote makes a profound point about praise and has helped me see more of the importance of praise. To praise is to reject alternative loyalties and false definitions of reality. […]

The Psalms- Singing as Prayer

In describing the elements of public worship in the apostolic (1st century) church, Philip Schaaf lists “The SONG, a form of prayer, in the dress of festive poetry and the elevated language of inspiration.” This practice, he writes, “passed immediately, with the psalms of the Old Testament, those inexhaustible treasures of spiritual experience, edification and […]

Defining Greatness

I just heard that the “world’s most interesting man” is a guy known for recent beer commercials.  Must not be a very interesting world.  I am blessed to know some very interesting people so I don’t believe the pronouncement.  In fact this pronouncement reminds me of a comment from C. S. Lewis in a different […]