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Pastors as Fathers, Caring for Each Member

Commenting on Paul’s statement that he cared for the Thessalonians as a father (1 Thess 2:11), Calvin articulates an important aspect of pastoral ministry. unquestionably, no one will ever be a good pastor, unless he shows himself to be a  father to the Church that is committed to him. Nor does he merely declare himself […]

Calvin on the Necessity of Care of Individual Members

Commenting on Acts 20:20 where Paul says he taught the Ephesians “both publicly and house to house,” Calvin states: This is the second point, that he did not only teach all men in the congregation, but also every one privately, as every man’s necessity did require. For Christ hath not appointed pastors upon this condition, […]

Luther on Teaching

“It behooves us to let the prophets and apostles stand at the professors’ lectern, while we, down below at their feet, listen to what they say.  It is not they who must hear what we say.” (Quoted in Timothy George,  Reading Scripture with the Reformers, 127)

Hobbits & Hope

“Hope is more than an engine for endurance; it is the deep, heartfelt understanding that though we may fail in our mission, and though we may perish alone in the dark, the Shadow will pass away and goodness will triumph.” Louis Markos, On the Shoulders of Hobbits: The Road to Virtue with Tolkien and Lewis […]

Anthony Esolen on Masculinity and Pastoral Ministry

Anthony Esolen is a particularly gifted writer. If he wrote a phone book it would be interesting and quotable. His 2003 Touchstone essay “What Sports Illustrate: The Obvious Truth About Young Men & Religion” is an insightful discussion of culture, masculinity, sports and pastoral ministry. His introduction alone is full of valuable truths, but as […]

Pastoral Epistles at ETS

We will have the second meeting of our Pastoral Epistles study group at the Evangelical Theological Society this week. I have included below the information on date, time and place as well as the presenters and paper titles. I hope some of you will join us for what I think will be a significant conversation. […]

The Sort of Men We Need as Pastors

“There is no place for a weak spine in the ministry of a leader.  Men who stand up for the truth, who bow down to only God, who praise only godliness and rebuke all unrighteousness; these are the men we need.  Men who will not snap under the pressure of rebellion from their people, who […]

Sola Scriptura Preaching

This portion from the Diet of Speyer (1529) powerfully articulates the idea of sola scriptura and what it means for preaching. May we continue to have, nurture and celebrate such preaching. There is, we affirm, no sure preaching or doctrine but that which abides by the word of God. According to God’s command, no other […]