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“Be ready to impart what you know”

A few weeks ago I had the privilege of travelling around Scotland with four students as the culmination of our class on aspects of Scottish church history. It was a great time, and I hope to comment more on it. One thing we did was visit several great book shops, chief among them James Dickson […]

Scalia and the Legacy of Teachers

As a teacher- and that seems to be a key way in which Justice Scalia saw himself- I found this picture to be deeply moving. In case you haven’t already seen it, these are former clerks of Justice Scalia’s (accounts varied on the number, as many as 180) lined up ready to receive his body. […]

The Purpose of Biblical Exposition

In his recent volume, Philippians, Colossians, in the Reformation Commentary on Scripture series, Graham Tomlin opens by noting the “remarkable difference in tone and approach,” indeed a different “set of interests” between commentaries of the Reformation era and those of our day. To illustrate this difference he cites from the preface to a commentary on […]

Luther on Teaching

“It behooves us to let the prophets and apostles stand at the professors’ lectern, while we, down below at their feet, listen to what they say.  It is not they who must hear what we say.” (Quoted in Timothy George,  Reading Scripture with the Reformers, 127)

Dominated by Jesus

In a technical article on the Greek word for “false teacher” used in 2 Peter 2:1, K. Rengstorf says this term shows their teaching was false and “in every respect they are a perversion of the Christian διδασκολος [teacher], since they reject the claim of Jesus to domination over their whole lives.”[1] This is an […]

Serious, Lively Teaching

I was struck by the following quote which I came across in Bartholomew and Dowd’s Old Testament Wisdom Literature: Theological Introduction.  The original quote seems to have in view primarily classroom teaching. Bartholomew and Dowd use it in well drawing out the implications of biblical wisdom. The truths here apply well to those of us […]

The Duty of Pastors, Philadelphia 1743

In 1743 the Philadelphia Baptist Association adopted as a statement of their discipline Benjamin Griffith’s treatise, “Concerning a True and Orderly Gospel Church.”  In this treatise is the following description of the duty of pastors (emphasis added, and reformatted): The minister being thus put upon his work, proceeds (1.) to preach the word of God […]

John MacArthur on How to Serve Christians Who Are Needlessly Restrictive

Andy Naselli has posted audio and a written summary of John MacArthur’s response to the question: How would you approach a congregation trapped in years of legalistic tradition? MacArthur’s call for patient loving instruction is helpful, providing a good portrait of shepherding.

Richard Furman on Teaching Your Children

While working on a chapter on communion I came across a circular letter written by Richard Furman in 1806. Furman was one of the leading Baptist pastors of the time, serving as pastor of First Baptist Charleston, SC, the first president of the Triennial Convention, and first president of the South Carolina Baptist Convention. In […]

"Education with Force"

In one of our Wednesday night classes we are reading and discussing Thabiti Anyabwile’s What is a Healthy Church Member? (which I have commented on here previously). Last night we came to this quote which Anyabwile cited from Jay Adams: “When we are baptized into the church, we thereby matriculate into Christ’s school. Then, for […]