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Dominated by Jesus

In a technical article on the Greek word for “false teacher” used in 2 Peter 2:1, K. Rengstorf says this term shows their teaching was false and “in every respect they are a perversion of the Christian διδασκολος [teacher], since they reject the claim of Jesus to domination over their whole lives.”[1]

This is an accurate description of Peter’s point since he stresses that these people do not live according to the teachings of Christ.  What struck me in the article was the use of the word “domination.” If we resist Jesus’ domination of our lives we will be false teachers. He must rule all. Rebels will not be able to proclaim the Kingdom of God and the Lordship of Christ.

[1] Theological Dictionary of the New Testament, vol 2, p. 160. I was unable to get accent marks for the Greek word to post properly.

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