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My family & I left for vacation today so I may not post much the next week or so. I have commented a bit on the connection between our destinations and books I’ve been reading to my kids over at The Children’s Hour.

Colonial Vacation

My family & I left for vacation today so I may not post much the next week or so (though I have a few books waiting to be commented on). In keeping with the books we’ve been reading on the colonial era of American history we are going to visit Williamsburg, Jamestown and Yorktown. We […]

M’Kethe Saga Continues in America

Guns of Thunder, Douglas Bond Faith & Freedom Series (P&R Publishing, 2007), pb., 260 pp. Age 10 & up This is the first volume in Bond’s new series which continues to follow the M’Kethe family, who were introduced in the Crown & Covenant Series. The previous series closed with Duncan and Angus leading their family […]

Puritans, Your Best Life Yet to Come

There is much wisdom to be gleaned here, both in how we live and in how we shepherd the souls of people. When you think of the pastoral role in terms of “preparing the saints to leave this world in peace when their time comes”, you automatically leave behind much of what goes under the […]

Touchstone, 2

Yesterday I commented briefly on a great editorial from the April issue of Touchstone magazine. Today, I want to mention to other articles from that issue. First, Amanda Witt contributed “Distant Neighbors: On Keeping Children Innocent When Lesbians Move in.” This is a compelling account of the Witt’s family leading their children as they encounter […]

Touchstone Magazine

As my most recent issue of Touchstone arrived a few days ago, I realized I had not yet written the post I intended on how much I enjoyed the April issue! This is really a great magazine, and I commend it to you. Let me point to three articles from the April issue to illustrate. […]

Edwards, Feeding the Flock

This week in one of our church’s Wednesday night classes we covered J. I. Packer’s chapter on Jonathan Edwards in his book, A Quest for Godliness. It is a great chapter, but one line especially stood out to me concerning pastoral ministry. It was this description of Edwards from Packer: “All his life he fed […]

ETS Doctrinal Statement

By now many of you will have read about Dr. Francis Beckwith’s return the Roman Catholic Church. The story has gained particular attention because Beckwith was currently serving as President of the Evangelical Theological Society. Beckwith said he planned to remain a member of ETS since he could still affirm the Society’s doctrinal statement. More […]

Potomac Captive

Potomac Captive: The Adventures of Henry Fleete, by Jan Fleet Umhau (Dietz Press, 1998), pb., 160 pp. This book tells the story of the historical character Henry Fleete in early 17th century Virginia. Mrs. Umhau, a direct descendant of Fleete, has taken what historical facts are known and from them woven a believable account of […]

Bible Material for Children

My notes from the breakout session by this title are now available here. This is actually my “notes” edition, with a bit more information (some probably only clear to me!) than the actual handout from the session. The bulk of the document is a list of good books, some with description. Each book listed has […]