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Rutherford to a Pastor Under Trial

I really enjoy reading Samuel Rutherford’s letters. For several years now I have been slowly working my way through my 1891 copy, reading one letter most mornings. Many of the letters are great encouragement to pastors enduring difficult times. One I read in the last week is a prime example. Rutherford is writing David Dickson […]

Prayer of Thanks for the Life of Howard Marshall

I was richly blessed attending the service of thanksgiving for the life of Howard Marshall last weekend in Aberdeen. The service was rich, profound and moving. I may write more about it in days to come, but here I want to share a portion of the prayer given by Professor Andrew Walls. Walls has for […]

In Appreciation of Dr. Louise Bentley

I was richly blessed today attending the funeral of Dr.Louise Bentley, an amazing professor whom I was fortunate to have while I was a student at Union. Even her requests for how the funeral would be done reflected her deep desire to glorify God. Her children spoke of her love for God, them, words and […]

Happy Birthday, Samuel Davies

Yesterday was the 290th anniversary of the birth of Samuel Davies (1723-1761), a powerful preacher during the Great Awakening in colonial America. Davies was a skilled orator whose rhetorical style influenced a young Patrick Henry. He eventually succeeded Jonathan Edwards as president of the College of New Jersey (later renamed Princeton). On one fundraising trip […]

David King, 10 Points on Pastoral Ministry

Recently David King, pastor of Concord Baptist Church in Chattanooga, visited my pastoral ministry class and shared ten key reflections on pastoral ministry. I asked David to come because he is a great example of faithful, patient ministry, holding fast to the Word and really loving his people. We all benefited greatly from David’s comments, […]

Historical Examples as Spurs to Perseverance

For me, there are times in ministry when I feel completely overwhelmed. The size, depth and number of the needs plus my own weakness and failures combine for a crushing despair. Many gospel  tools are needed for these situations, and one of these tools is the example of our forebears. It is helpful for me […]

Bede, the Pastor

The Ancient Christian Texts series from IVP is a real treasure, as it provides access to writings of the Patristic era. I have been recently thumbing through the new volume, Commentaries on Genesis 1-3, which contains writings from several men including Bede the Venerable. In the introduction to Bede’s commentary, the following quote struck me […]

Father Mercer: The Story of a Baptist Statesman

Just today I received my copy of Tony Chute’s new book, Father Mercer: The Story of a Baptist Statesman (Mercer University Press).  Tony’s doctoral work and first book (A Piety Above the Common Standard) were on Mercer, and I have previously discussed here (and here) my appreciation of the previous book. Tony is a good […]

Andrew Fuller, Blessings of Preaching through Books

In the dedication of his Expository Discourses on the Book of Genesis, Andrew Fuller wrote to his church reflecting on “pleasures we have enjoyed together in exploring the treasures of the lively Oracles.”  This dedication is a beautiful, powerful testimony to the affection between pastor and people that is only heightened as they build a […]

Benjamin Keach as Pastor

Benjamin Keach was one of the leading Baptist pastors in England in the 17th century. In the memoir included in a 19th century reprint of his book, The Travels of True Godliness, the following assessment of his ministry is included (it is an excerpt from Crosby’s History of English Baptists).  This is an excellent summary […]