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Select Practical Writings of John Knox

I have enjoyed perusing Banner of Truth’s republished edition of The Select Practical Writings of John Knox.  When this volume was originally published in 1844 it was part of an effort to make available to “every family” the “good old theological literature of Scotland,” particularly “those venerable treatises of practical theology and personal religion” which […]

Thundering Knox Preached Grace

John Knox is known as a thundering preacher, and he was. However, it is easy for us to associate “thundering” with condemnation. Douglas Bond, examining one of only two surviving sermons from Knox (on the temptations of Jesus), concludes: “Knox labored to give confidence to his flock in their sanctification. There is no hint of […]

Historical Examples as Spurs to Perseverance

For me, there are times in ministry when I feel completely overwhelmed. The size, depth and number of the needs plus my own weakness and failures combine for a crushing despair. Many gospel  tools are needed for these situations, and one of these tools is the example of our forebears. It is helpful for me […]