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Select Practical Writings of John Knox

I have enjoyed perusing Banner of Truth’s republished edition of The Select Practical Writings of John Knox.  When this volume was originally published in 1844 it was part of an effort to make available to “every family” the “good old theological literature of Scotland,” particularly “those venerable treatises of practical theology and personal religion” which […]

Prayers on the Psalms

I have just received my copy of Prayers on the Psalms:From The Scottish Psalter of 1595 and am delighted with it! It will now be placed on my morning table alongside Reading the Psalms with Luther to aid me as I seek to pray the Psalms. After just seeing the book in a catalog I […]

Guns of the Lion

Guns of the Lion, Douglas Bond Faith & Freedom Trilogy (P&R, 2008), pb., 260 pp. Ages 6+ Readers of this blog will know that the Van Nestes are big fans of Doug Bond. When he visited last month than and began reading to us this latest book on the M’Kethe family, it was a treat. […]

How Sleep the Brave!

How Sleep the Brave!: A Novel of 17th Century Scotland, by J. H. Hunter (Inheritance Publications, 2008), pb., 235 pp. Ages 8+ This book has joined the list of our top favorites alongside books by C. S. Lewis, Douglas Bond and Allen French! This was a great story, full of action and adventure as well […]

Scottish Highland Adventures

Scottish Highland Adventures, by Catherine Mackenzie (Christian Focus, 2007), pb., 91 pp. Ages 6+ This book is part of a series of children’s books about adventures in various areas. We were interested in this one because of our years of living in Scotland. Each chapter deals with a specific area or characteristic of Scotland and […]

King’s Arrow & Rebel’s Keep

King’s Arrowand Rebel’s Keep, Douglas Bond Vol. 2 & 3 in the Crown and Covenant Series (P&R, 2003/2004), pb., 215 pp./ 275pp. I have been meaning to write separate reviews of these books but time is passing so I decided to address them together. We completed vol 3 just before Christmas, and I must say […]

Duncan’s War, A Story of the Covenanters

Duncan’s War, Douglas Bond Volume 1 in the Crown & Covenant Series (P&R, 2002) This is one of the best books we have ever read. That is saying a lot, but it is true. It is similar in strengths to the “Martin and Boudewyn books” (as we call them), but surpasses them. It has adventure, […]