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Traitor, the Case of Benedict Arnold

Traitor: The Case of Benedict Arnold, Jean Fritz (Paperstar, 1981), pb., 192 pp. Ages 10+ This presents the biographical data well, though it is not a real exciting read. It is solid as a biography goes, but the blurbs on the back which describe it as “a thriller” and “highly entertaining” really overstate the case. […]

Helpful Books on Evangelism

In response to my post on Dever’s new evangelism book, Jeff asked what other books I had found encouraging and/or challenging on evangelism. We’re not back to full sleep yet at my house- so who knows how clearly I am thinking 🙂 -but here are a few books that come to mind. Feel free to […]

Baby is Here!

Timothy Van Neste made his appearance this morning at 8:16 am. He weighed 9 lbs 5 oz and was 20.5 inches long. He and mom are both doing very well. Brothers and sister got to come visit and were delighted with him. Yes, I am cropped out of the picture! We are grateful to God […]

The Minute Boys of Bunker Hill

The Minute Boys of Bunker Hill, Edward Stratemeyer (1899; Lost Classics Book Company, 1998), pb., 316 pp. Ages 7+ This is the sequel to The Minute Boys of Lexington and Concord following the same characters through the tense days following the battles of Lexington and Concord, trough the Battle of Bunker Hill to the end […]

John Brown on Catechizing and Evangelizing Children

Questions & Answers on the Shorter Catechism, John Brown of Haddington (Reformation Heritage Books; pb., 356 pp.) John Brown of Haddington (1722-1787) was a giant in the land. I first read of him in A. T. Robertson’s grammar where Robertson recounts the amazing story of Brown teaching himself Greek as a young man. Some years […]

Dever’s New Evangelism Book

Just yesterday I in the mail came my copy of Mark Dever’s new book, The Gospel & Personal Evangelism (Crossway; pb., 124 pp.). I am about a third of the way through it now and it is really good. Dever states clearly his purpose: “My prayer is that because of the time you spend reading […]

J. B. Gambrell, Pastorate is Hard Service

I just came across this quote in a paper written by Tom Ascol. Gambrell was a leader among Southern Baptists in the late 19th and early 20th centuries serving as President of Mercer, professor at Southwestern and SBC President. In his commencement address in 1913 at Southwestern he said: My first word is that you […]

Davis on OT Narrative

Dale Ralph Davis. The Word Became Fresh: How to Preach from Old Testament Narrative Texts. (Christian Focus Publications, 2006) pb., 153 pp. I have already mentioned several other really good books from this year on preaching the Old Testament. Here is one more which may be my favorite. I have appreciated Davis’ popular commentaries in […]

Meet the Puritans

Meet the Puritans, Joel Beeke & Randall Pederson (Reformation Heritage Books, 2006), hb., 896 pp. This is an incredible, monumental work! This is the most significant, most helpful guide to the Puritans I know of. The book provides a brief bio and list of reprinted works of over 120 Puritans as well as a brief […]

Motive for Studying Theology

In preparing to teach our opening Sunday School class on systematic theology– on why such study of theology is important- I read the opening of J. L. Dagg’s Manual of Theology. I thought the opening paragraph was particularly good and wanted to pass it along: “The study of religious truth ought to be undertaken and […]