A Move Towards Intentionally Smaller Churches?

Brandon O’Brien in his new book Strategically Small Church, The: Intimate, Nimble, Authentic, and Effective writes, “Despite the fact that the Bible compares the spread of the gospel to the mustard seed, which appears insignificant and unproductive, the dominant expectation of most pastors is that success is measured in terms of numerical growth.  Fifty years …

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A.T. Robertson on Sermon Preparation

“It is not too much to say that, however loyal laymen are to the pulpit, they yet consider it a piece of presumption for the preacher to take up the time of the audience with ill-digested thoughts.” – A. T. Robertson, “Grammar in Preaching”, in The Minister and His Greek New Testament, 81)

Howard Marshall on Evangelical Certainty

“…where criticism takes place on the basis of anti-supernaturalist presuppositions and the teaching of scripture is assessed in terms of what modern, unbelieving western man is prepared to accept, again the evangelical will have no truck with it.  The kind of ecumenism which tries to assure us that really we all believe the same things …

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For you I am a bishop, with you, I am a Christian

Augustine’s sermon “On the Anniversary of His Ordination” (listed as Sermon 340) provides a beautiful portrait of pastoral ministry. I have included here several excerpts.  The importance of the oversight of souls is clear in these comments.  Here is a good blend of authority and humility.  The people need their pastors and the pastors need …

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