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Prayer While Studying and Teaching

From every error keep us free; Let none but Christ our Master be, That we in living faith abide, In Him with all our might confide. “Come, Holy Spirit, God and Lord,” Martin Luther (Trans. Katherine Winkworth)

Schneider & Spirit-Empowered Boldness

Connecting my last two posts, Paul Schneider is an example of Spirit-empowered boldness.  As he shepherded his people he found himself compelled to call evil by name as he saw it in the Nazi party which was solidifying its power in Germany and in the cowardice of some church leaders. Notice the boldness and clarity […]

Knowing the Holy Spirit Through the OT

Knowing the Holy Spirit Through the OT By Christopher J. H. Wright (IVP, 2006), pb. 159 pp. I have perused this book today as part of a broader review project, and I am impressed. You know right away that this topic is useful since it combines two areas where our understanding in the church tends […]