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Trueman, “Tragic Worship”

Carl Trueman’s First Things article, “Tragic Worship,” is wonderful reminder of our need for addressing the tragic realities of life and death in our worship. Drawing from our understanding of tragedy in drama, Trueman critiques our preference for distraction. This is what much of modern worship amounts to: distraction and diversion. Praise bands and songs […]

The Pastoral Heart of the Reformation

Last week my article, “The Care of Souls: The Heart of the Reformation,” was published in the latest issue of Themelios. The article is my attempt to highlight the pastoral impulse behind this pivotal moment in history.  Amidst the important theological and political issues which were involved in this historic movement and which continue to […]

Pastor of a Church vs. Just a Preacher

“He who can only generalize in the pulpit, but has not ability to individualize out of it; who cannot in some measure meet the varieties of religious perplexity, and deal with the various modifications of awakened solicitude; who finds himself disinclined or disabled to guide the troubled conscience through the labyrinths which sometimes meet the […]

President-elect Oliver’s First Sermon in Jackson

I was privileged to be in attendance last Sunday when Dr. Dub Oliver, President-elect of Union University, preached at First Baptist Church in Jackson TN. Dr. Oliver noted that this was his first time to preach in Jackson, and he preached a moving message on Matthew 14:13-21, the feeding of the 5,000. I encourage you […]