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The Children’s Hour, H W Longfellow

Here is the poem that inspired the title for this blog. I was first introduced to it through the writings of Doug Phillips at Vision Forum, specifically the book Poems for Patriarchs which I warmly recommend. Between the dark and the daylight, When the night is beginning to lower, Comes a pause in the day’s […]

Innaugural post

Since it seems that fellow parents and I are often looking for personal recommendations for books for our children, I decided to create this forum for passing along the opinions and experiences of my family in this regard. We seek to be intentional in reading regularly to our kids good books on bible and history. […]

Merry Christmas!

After today I will be away from my office through the holidays and may not have the chance to post any. I might get the chance, but in case I do not I wanted to go ahead and wish all of you a blessed Christmas from me and my family.

Quotes from B. H. Carroll

B. H. Carroll was one of the giants in the earlier days of SBC life, serving as a pastor and then as the founding president of Southwestern Seminary. He is fun to read and to read about. He was a colorful, thoughtful, profound and passionate man. I have recently come across some old copies of […]

Tozer Audio on Web

Over the summer Brian Denker brought to my attention, an online collection of thousands of sermons in audio. The range is very broad, but there are some very interesting and useful preachers included. For example, I recommend this sermon by A. W. Tozer on Jude. Jude, being one of the short letters, is often […]

Trueman Review of Noll’s Is the Reformation Over?

I want to keep the discussion on baptism going (from the two earlier posts), but I have also just come across a really good article that deserves the attention of pastors and church leaders (as well as many others). Mark Noll’s latest book, Is the Reformation Over?, raises important questions about the continuing validity of […]

Prayer for Ministers

Here is another poem by John Newton concerning the pastorate. It was included in the Olney Hymns- pretty good accountability for pastors to sing this song with their congregations! I came across this poem in Worthy is the Lamb: Puritan Poetry in Honor of the Savior (Soli Deo Gloria, 2004). May it encourage and challenge […]

Baptism responses

I wanted to respond here to some of the responses to the previous baptism post, because some good points were made by the two Barry’s. Barry J. raised the issue of whether baptism fit more in ecclesiology or soteriology. I think one problem is that we have made too strong of a distinction between soteriology […]

Baptism: Why Do We Not Value It More?

Yesterday I spoke to a group of “ministerial” students here at Union and my assigned topic was baptism. I chose to frame my comments with the question, “Why is baptism so unimportant in our Baptist churches?” (I am here writing clearly from my baptist perspective, though I realize non-Baptists may read this blog as well). […]