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Endorsements for “Forgotten Songs”

I previously posted the chapter titles for the forthcoming Forgotten Songs: Reclaiming the Psalms for Christian Worship, which is due out this fall from B&H. As the book makes its way through the publication process, some people have been kind enough to give the book an early reading and share their thoughts. I have been […]

Another Children’s Book on the Covenanters

[posted at my children’s book site last week] While we are travelling in Scotland I began reading to my older boys a book I picked up here- I Rode with the Covenanters, by Kathleen Fidler. We have read several books about the Covenanters along the way (not least Douglas Bond’s wonderful Crown & Covenant trilogy), […]

Ten Commandments of Grace

We were blessed today in the service at St. Andrews Free Church under the preaching of Alasdair Macleod.  The singing, including two psalms, was robust and encouraging. We caught part two of a three part sermon series titled “Ten Commandments of Grace” in which Macleod is essentially seeking to summarize the message of Paul. Today […]