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Describing Greatness, Robert Hall

You can tell a lot about a person or a people by how they define greatness, what qualities they praise. I saw this again as I have been reading a pre-publication copy of the new edition of Robert Hall’s Help to Zion’s Travellers, updated and edited by Nathan Finn, to be published by Borderstone Press. […]

Gimmick or Gospel

Al Mohler and Timmy Brister have already pointed out this interview. In case you have not seen it, it is worthwhile to do so for the sobering effect of realizing what too many are saying. What is the power of God unto salvation? God’s gospel or our gimmicks? The closest thing I find in the […]

Use of the Psalms in the New Testament

This past Sunday at our church I taught in our Sunday School on how the Psalms are used in the New Testament (audio). My focus was not on the various ways the Psalms are interpreted but what people (Jesus, the apostles) actually did with the Psalms. I summarized the various uses in 3 categories. They […]

Read the Bible For Life Conference, Wrap up

It was a blessing to have almost 700 people gather with us last weekend for the Read the Bible for Life Conference. I am hopeful that the time together will have a lasting kingdom impact. The audio from the conference is now available. David Platt argued for reading the Bible as a whole, centered on […]