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Bible Conference with Sandy Willson

On March 20-21 the Ryan Center for Biblical Studies, which I direct, will host it’s 7th bible study conference, aimed at helping people grow in their ability to interpret and apply the Scriptures. Sandy Willson will be our guest speaker and he will address the theme, “But as for You: Regaining Our Confidence in God’s […]

Read the Bible For Life Conference, Wrap up

It was a blessing to have almost 700 people gather with us last weekend for the Read the Bible for Life Conference. I am hopeful that the time together will have a lasting kingdom impact. The audio from the conference is now available. David Platt argued for reading the Bible as a whole, centered on […]


Last year one of the things I requested and received for Christmas was a couple of volumes of Journibles, from Reformation Heritage Books. I have loved them! It is a pretty simple concept (see the series website).  They essentially journals- like ones you might purchase from any bookstore- devoted to certain books or collection of […]

Kids’ Bible Dictionary

Kids’ Bible Dictionary, by Jean Fischer (Barbour, 2009), pb., 159 pp. Ages 8-12 This is a colorful and well-illustrated dictionary which aims to define and explain key people places and things which children will encounter as they read the Bible. Each entry ends with scriptural references where you will find the word or concept. The […]

As part of my class on Paul’s letters one of the daily assignments always is to trace the argument of a paragraph in Paul’s letters.Tom Schreiner has a helpful discussion of this in his little book Interpreting the Pauline Epistles, and some readers may have heard John Piper talk about “arcing.” I have just recently […]

Raising Bible Saturated Kids!

David and Sally Michael, from Children Desiring God, recently led three breakout sessions on leading children in Bible Study as part of the “Word Within the Word” conference at Union University. Too often the importance of teaching our children well is missed by both families and churches. The Michael’s passion is to change this. These […]

Owen on Divine Aid in Bible Study

In going back over my OT Survey material in preparation for the beginning of term, I came across this quote from John Owen. It is well put in so many ways and a good warning to us not to rest in our own abilities when approaching Scripture. Of course we must study and labor, but […]

Studying Romans

Each year in the SBC a certain book of the Bible is chosen to be the focus of the “January Bible Study.” Churches are not required to do this, but it does provide a good way to encourage careful study of various books. This year the study focuses on Romans, and this Saturday I will […]

2007 Bibles and Bible Reference Survey Article

The latest issue of Preaching Magazine has just come out containing my article which surveys new study Bibles, commentaries and other books on Bible study that have come out since last Fall. The print magazine has a shorter version of the essay dealing with Bible commentaries, introductions, etc. Eventually the article will be made available […]

Groothuis on Techno Temptation

Doug Groothuis has posted at his blog a column he wrote for the Denver Seminary Magazine. It is well worth the read. He addresses the problem of plagiarizing sermons and the problem of relying on the ease of technology to look up verses rather than really learning the Bible for ourselves. The first issue has […]