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O, How We Need the Public Reading of Scripture

I am deeply enjoying Cry, the Beloved Country by Alan Paton now that I am finally reading it. Or, rather, I am listening to it. I can’t help but think that listening to Michael York read this book is the best way to savor it. One scene is particularly riveting and gives a moving picture […]

Justin Wainscott on the Importance of the Reformation

This past Sunday many church celebrated Reformation Sunday as we near Reformation Day, Oct 31, the anniversary of the day Martin Luther posted his 95 theses to the church door in Wittenberg, sparking the Protestant Reformation. Justin Wainscott, pastor of First Baptist Church in Jackson, TN, passionately explained the importance of the Reformation in terms of […]

Chrysostom on the Necessity of Scripture Reading

“Countless evils have arisen from ignorance of the Scriptures. From this the plague of heresies has broken out. From this there are neglectful lives. From this there are labors without benefit. For just as men deprived of daylight of this world do not walk rightly, so those who do not look to the gleaming of […]

Danger of Picking & Choosing from the Bible

T. H. L. Parker’s challenge two decades ago of the Church of England, of which he was a part, is relevant to us today. “What wonder that a church which picks and chooses what it wants out of the Bible should become confused in its theology, flabby in its morals, and with little to state […]

The Bible for the People

“the reformation had to undo the untold damage caused by the decision made by leaders of the Roman Catholic Church that the Bible was too difficult for ordinary people, and was reserved for scholars; and that instead of the Bible, the ordinary people would have statues and paintings; ‘the bibles of the uneducated.’ This policy […]

Reformation Day 2013

Happy Reformation Day! Halloween just has no draw for me when we have the opportunity to celebrate the recovery of the gospel and its implications for life. We celebrate the recovery of God’s word, which points us to the gospel which brings life and the certain hope of resurrection. This year my family has been […]

A Mouth Full of Fire

 A Mouth Full of Fire: The Word of God in the Words of Jeremiah. His opening chapter which surveys the various approaches which are often referred to as “biblical theology” is very helpful in itself. He then expounds how the book of Jeremiah presents to us a theology of revelation. Here are a couple of […]

“Learn it meekly on thy knees”

Just last night I came across this poem and found it to be a wonderful statement on how we should approach the Bible, especially the last two stanzas. The fact that this poem was originally written for children will discredit it for some, but such an assessment would be unwise. I am currently reading Mark […]

Luther on Teaching

“It behooves us to let the prophets and apostles stand at the professors’ lectern, while we, down below at their feet, listen to what they say.  It is not they who must hear what we say.” (Quoted in Timothy George,  Reading Scripture with the Reformers, 127)

Sola Scriptura Preaching

This portion from the Diet of Speyer (1529) powerfully articulates the idea of sola scriptura and what it means for preaching. May we continue to have, nurture and celebrate such preaching. There is, we affirm, no sure preaching or doctrine but that which abides by the word of God. According to God’s command, no other […]