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Pastoral Epistles & Pauline Theology at ETS

Latest from I previously announced the creation of a new consultation of the Pastorals at the Evangelical Theological Society to begin meeting this Fall. As stated before, the overall goal of this consultation is to explore the ways that the exclusion of the Pastoral Epistles has impacted the work of Pauline theology and how […]

Conduct Gospel-Centered Funerals

This week my fellow pastors & I discussed the pastor’s role at funerals with our pastoral apprentices, and I was glad to be able to commend this new book by Brian Croft and Phil Newton– Conduct Gospel-centered Funerals: Applying the gospel at the unique challenges of death.  Newton and Croft are both experienced pastors who […]

Pastor as Shepherd in a Children’s Book

I am currently reading to my children Douglas Jones’ little book, Huguenot Garden, which is a fictional story of the experiences of one Huguenot family as they seek to be faithful to God under persecution. There are many good points in the book, but one section we read last night stood out as brought home […]

KJV Coverage

Hopefully you have seen a number of the essays that have been written this year on the 400th anniversary of the King James Version. Since May is the actual anniversary of the publication of the KJV there has been a flurry of stories in the last week or so. Here is an overview of some […]

Psalm 31 and Praying Scripture

Tom Fox preached a wonderful sermon on Psalm 31 yesterday. He made a number of good points, but one that particularly struck me had to do with praying Scripture. This topic has been on my mind and Psalm 31 is an interesting example of this as Tom pointed out. Not only do we have examples […]

Christian Union and 2 Timothy

Last August I was privileged to teach through 2 Timothy for the leadership of the Christian Union, a wonderful ministry to Ivy League schools. 2 Timothy was the focus of their Bible studies this academic year, and two young men from the Harvard group decided to memorize 2 Timothy.  The video below is of them […]