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Amend ETS: A Successful Effort

I have been away from the blog for the last week due to a busy schedule at the annual meetings of the Evangelical Theological Society (ETS) and of the Society of Biblical Literature (SBL). Readers of this blog know that my friend Denny Burk and I had co-sponsored an effort to amend the doctrinal basis […]

Children of the Covered Wagon

Children Of The Covered Wagon, by Mary Jane Carr Revised and edited by Michael McHugh (Christian Liberty Press, 2005), pb., 275 pp. Ages 8+ This is an older book which has been revised and edited, though there was no indication of the previous publication date or the extent of the revising and editing. The story […]

The Prince’s Poison Cup

The Prince’s Poison Cup, by R. C. Sproul Illustrated by Justin Gerard (Reformation Trust, 2008), hb., 35 pp. Ages 4+ R. C. Sproul’s writings have meant a lot to me for many years, so several years ago I noted with interest when he began writing children’s books. This is the first of his children’s books […]

Applying the Doctrine of Hell

We must teach our people doctrine. As we do so, we must also apply the doctrine well- thoroughly, convincingly, pastorally, searchingly- so that it cannot be no mere mental exercise but having addressed the mind it moves the heart bringing about conviction, joy, repentance, worship, etc. I am currently teaching our church’s Sunday School class […]

Books in Bed

“As a parent and a teacher, therefore, I argue for the continuance of books in an age marked by visual technology. There remains nothing like the feel of the book in the hand, nothing like the security offered by a book in the bed (an experience recorded in the West from at least the twelfth […]

Amend ETS, Vote Next Week

I have commented here previously about the proposal I am co-sponsoring with Denny Burk to amend the doctrinal basis of the Evangelical Theological Society (ETS). Next week the Society will meet in Providence, Rhode Island where our proposal will finally come to a vote. Today Denny posted a very helpful summary of the discussion which […]

The Pulpit, Cowper

Ray Ortlund posted today this excerpt from William Cowper’s lengthy poem, “The Task.” It is a wonderful, power description of the role of preaching. It is thrilling, convicting and humbling. The pulpit, therefore, (and I name it filled with solemn awe, that bids me well beware with what intent I touch that holy thing;) the […]

The Journal of Modern Ministry

I subscribed to this journal about a year ago and have enjoyed it. I admit that “modern” does not typically bring positive connotations to me when connected to ministry, but this journal, edited by Jay Adams, is devoted to exploring various aspects of day to day ministry from the perspective of absolute confidence in scripture. […]

Visit the Sick

Visit the Sick: Ministering God’s Grace in Times of Illness, by Brian Croft (Day One Publications, 2008), pb., 92 pp. I was very pleased recently to receive a copy of this book and to see that it was now available. It was my privilege to read a pre-publication copy of it and to write a […]

The Very First Christmas

The Very First Christmas, Paul Maier Illustrated by Francisco Ordaz (Concordia, 1998), hb., 32 pp. Ages 5+ I was so impressed with Maier’s book on Luther that I wanted to see this book of his on Christmas as well. Maier’s chief concern here is to relate the real events of the birth of Christ to […]