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William WIlberforce, Children

At my blog on Pastoral ministry I have reviewed a great book on missions and am in the midst of posting some quotes from it. One quote fits particularly well here. It comes from William Wilberforce, known for his crusade against slavery. In the midst of his busy life, he still could say: “. . […]

Paton and the Cannibals

As promised, here is a quote from The Greatest Century of Missions. In describing the determination of the 19th century missionaries, Hammond relates this great exchange from John Paton. “Amongst many who sought to deter me, was one dear old Christian gentleman, whose crowning argument was, ‘The Cannibals! You will be eaten by Cannibals!’ At […]

Greatest Century of Missions, review

Peter Hammond. The Greatest Century of Missions. Cape Town, South Africa: Christian Liberty Books, 1982. pb. 146 pp. I read this book over Christmas break and have been waiting since then to post something about it. It is such a good book, I have kept putting off writing “until I could really do it justice.” […]

Drums of War series

Drums of War Series, by Peter Reese Doyle Independence, Vol. 1, pb, 170 pp Bunker Hill, Vol. 2, pb, 171 A Captive in Williamsburg , Vol. 3, pb, (Providence Foundation, 1997, 1998) Ages 6-12+ These three books of historical fiction are set in Williamsburg, VA as the Revolutionary War begins. So, we began reading volume […]

The Hobbit, Audio

About a year ago I read The Hobbit to my boys and we all loved it. I recently found this audio version for a great deal (about $5!- not at Amazon). We have only listened to the first few minutes so far but we were taken with it immediately. The reading is really well done. […]

God Pursuing Sinners

Last month I was privileged to preach on Luke 15, one of my favorite texts, at our church. This is such a rich and amazing text. It reminds us that God is indeed “rich in mercy” (Eph 2), that God is the great evangelist, pursuing sinful people like us in spite of us. It is […]

Doing Things Right in Matters of the Heart, Review

Doing Things Right in Matters of the Heart , John Ensor (Wheaton, IL: Crossway Books, 2007), pb., 160 pp. I just finished reading this great book, and our church is working on getting copies for our book table at church. I have seen Ensor’s first book but have not been able to read it yet. […]

The Faithful Preacher, Book Review

The Faithful Preacher, Thabiti Anyabwile (Crossway, 2007), pb., 191 pp. I have not yet finished reading this book, but after reading the first sermon by Lemuel Haynes, I knew this is a keeper and one to commend to the readers of this blog. In this book Anyabwile briefly introduces three pioneering African-American pastors and then […]

Best Friends

Grant, George & Karen Grant. Best Friends: The Ordinary Relationships of Extraordinary People. Nashville, TN: Cumberland House, 1998. I have previously commented on another Grant book, Shelf Life: How Books Have Changed the Destinies and Desires of Men and Nations. This book is a companion volume written in the same format- vignettes and compiled quotes. […]

Susan Creek

Susan Creek, by Douglas Wilson (Veritas Press, 2004), pb. 124 pp. ages 8-12 For some reason- completely odd to me- Amazon does not even have a listing for this book. I hope they will remedy this soon, but my link above will lead you to Wilson’s own Canon Press where the book is available. This […]