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Welcome to the New Barbarism

OK. I like humor, and I think most people around me would say I can take a joke without being too uptight. But this video is way over the line. Sadly, I think this is yet another example of the results of loosing the moorings to any moral order in our culture. Welcome to the […]

Wrestling with My Boys

I absolutely love wrestling with my boys. I began wrestling with them when they were very little and this “wrestling” consisted of rolling around on the floor and rolling them over. We progressed to flipping them upside down, tossing them into the air and various other forms of roughhousing which they loved as much as […]

Hugging as Spiritual Warfare

Last week our denominational state paper ran an artilce of mine by this title. Here is the article: I am a hugger and come from a line of established huggers. My dad was open with his affection to me and the rest of my family. He was practically an official “hugger” at our church, and […]

Horton on Home & Church

I just came across this quote posted by my friend Justin Wainscott.I thought it followed well my post on the importance of stories.We parents must orient our lives and families so as to show our children that God’s story is the central realities of our lives thus showing them the way to follow.   Christian […]

Richard Furman on Teaching Your Children

While working on a chapter on communion I came across a circular letter written by Richard Furman in 1806. Furman was one of the leading Baptist pastors of the time, serving as pastor of First Baptist Charleston, SC, the first president of the Triennial Convention, and first president of the South Carolina Baptist Convention. In […]

R. E. Lee as a Parent

I am currently reading to my boys a not so exciting book about Robert E. Lee. Lee is a great subject, but the style of this book is ponderous. One benefit though is the frequent extracts from Lee’s letters, particularly letters to his children. This excerpt from a letter to his son in the army […]

Carson on a Spiritual Home

Over at my pastoral ministry blog I have commented a number of times on D. A. Carson’s book about his father, Memoirs of an Ordinary Pastor. In the most recent Crossway book report Dr. Carson was interviewed about the book and I thought his comments were relevant to this blog. The main point of the […]

GGG Blog Tour

I am pleased today to be hosting the Gum, Geckos & God blog tour here and at Oversight of Souls. I previously listed all the stops Jim Spiegel, the author, would be making on his blog tour.This is an excellent book that I commend to all my readers, particularly those with children or grandchildren. It […]

Gum, Geckos, and God

I am happy to be participating in a blog tour by Jim Spiegel promoting his new book Gum, Geckos, and God. Jim teaches philosophy at Taylor University and is the father of four children. This book is a record of various conversations that have come up between him and his children as they have talked […]

More Quotes from Hints for Parents

Here are just a few more quotes from the great little book Hints for Parents. From these you can see the theological awareness and pastoral earnestness of the book. “To the religious character of our children, everything else ought to be made subservient. Our high privilege is to ‘bring up children in the nurture and […]