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I just came across this quote posted by my friend Justin Wainscott.I thought it followed well my post on the importance of stories.We parents must orient our lives and families so as to show our children that God’s story is the central realities of our lives thus showing them the way to follow.


Christian homes and churches are the only institutions in which our children will learn to find themselves in God’s story. When they are united more by the trends of pop culture than by the faith and practice of the whole church in all times and places, our youth become victims of our sloth. We should not be surprised that over half of those reared in evangelical homes and churches today do not join or even attend a church regularly when they go off to college. If we are going to see our children grow up into Christ instead of abandoning the church, our
spiritual life at home and in the church must incorporate them into the teaching and fellowship of the apostolic faith. They can find “ministry opportunities” through United Way, the Peace Corps, or Habitat for Humanity. They can find friends at the fraternity or sorority. They can find intellectual stimulation in class. And they can find a sense of meaning and purpose in their vocations. If their home churches exchanged the ministry of preaching and teaching the apostles’ doctrine for a variety of ministries and activities that they could find legitimate versions of in the world, then it is difficult to come up with a reasonable answer when they ask, “Why do I need the church?”

–Michael Horton, The Gospel-Driven Life: Being Good News People in a Bad News World

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