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“He Hears Us”

First John 5:14 gives us a powerful assurance in prayer: “he hears us.” This is our “confidence” John says. Yarbrough’s discussion of this truth is moving & instructive. “The loftiest attainment of errant mortals petitioning before the heavenly throne is not to gain God’s compliance but to be fully assured of his listening ear – […]

Read, Pray, Sing

April 12-13, 2013 the Ryan Center for Biblical Studies will be hosting the conference, “Read, Pray, Sing: The Psalms as an Entryway to the Scriptures.” The conference theme captures two key points about the Psalms. First, the Psalms have been given to us to use in reading, praying and singing. Too often, all we do […]

Pastors, Seek Souls not Fame

“they who are called to preach the gospel, to teach the flock of our Lord Jesus Christ, and to lead them, cannot do their duty, unless they lay all ambition aside and seek not to please men, not to be seen, nor to be in reputation. They must account all this as vanity, and content […]

Calvin on the Free Offer of the Gospel

“For so often as we preach the doctrine of salvation, we show that God is ready to receive all who come to him, that the gate is open to those who call upon him, and to be assured that their inheritance is prepared for them there above, and they can never be deceived of it.” […]

The Looking Glass of The Gospel

“His blessings whereunto we are called are incomprehensible to our natural senses, nevertheless God by the looking glass of his Gospel causes us to behold that which cannot be seen by reason nor by man’s understanding” – Calvin, sermon in 1 Timothy 6:15-16

Tornado & Providence, Union University & William Cowper

Today is the fifth anniversary of the tornado that devastated so much of the campus of Union University. You can see a nice news story from a Tennessee TV station here. Five years ago tonight my family sat down to dinner with Bob Cali, a Union student and a fellow church member. Dinner was interrupted […]

Cherish a Holy Warmth

I really appreciated this excerpt from Spurgeon, finding that it both challenged and encouraged me personally and expressed what I am aiming for in teaching and preaching. It is so easy to become the overly cautious person he rebukes here. I think he is exactly right that the failure to be loving and gracious often […]