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Tolstoy, Pride & Pastors

For some of my early summer reading I worked through a variety of smaller, early 20th century books I’ve picked up along the way. One such book is Henry Churchill King’s It’s All In the Day’s Work (Macmillan, 1916). Not everything in the little book is commendable, but it does contain gold. At one point […]

Pastors, Seek Souls not Fame

“they who are called to preach the gospel, to teach the flock of our Lord Jesus Christ, and to lead them, cannot do their duty, unless they lay all ambition aside and seek not to please men, not to be seen, nor to be in reputation. They must account all this as vanity, and content […]

Pride, A Disqualifier for Ministry

Years ago, when I was a teenager, a seasoned, well-intentioned Baptist deacon gave me an explanation.  I was bothered by the apparent arrogance of a pastor, directed towards this deacon and not me. The deacon explained, “Well, you have to expect a certain amount of arrogance from preachers. That’s just the way they are.”  Without […]

Pride: The Source of Heresy

“This is the beginning and root of all heresy, which has been in all times: even this, that those who understood the Gospel would show themselves as men full of ambition and pride, and instead of dedicating themselves to God.” –  John Calvin, Sermon on 1 Timothy 1:18-19

Conan Doyle on Pride

I have often commented here on the value of broad reading in literature.  One value is that good stories tend to include keen insight into human nature. Currently I am listening to the audio of one of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s lesser known novels, The White Company.  The story is set in 14th century Europe […]

Wilson on Authoritative Preaching

Here is another excerpt from Wilson’s A Serrated Edge: A Brief Defense of Biblical Satire and Trinitarian Skylarking. Here he is critiquing our current culture’s view of humility and arrogance. “We see the same thing in the conflict between biblical and modern theories of preaching. The biblical preacher is a herald, a steward. He has […]

A Note to Reformers

“I am more afraid of my own heart than of the pope and all his cardinals. I have within me the greatest pope” – Martin Luther In our work of reforming the church in our day, this statement from a great Reformer is a good reminder to us. There are errors within our churches which […]