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Concordia Commentary

I try to stay fairly well aware of commentaries and commentary series with my work at the Ryan Center for Biblical Studies and in writing an annual survey of Bible reference works for Preaching Magazine. However, I have recently realized that I had entirely missed a significant series. As part of the work for this […]

Carl Trueman on Oversight of Souls

If you are not aware of Carl Trueman’s writings you ought to be. His latest essay in Themelios is a summary of what he says to students wanting to pursue a PhD. Along the way in the argument, though, Trueman makes a key point about the importance of church membership and the personal involvement of […]

The Sword Bearer

The Sword Bearer, John White The Archives of Anthropos series (IVP, 1986), pb., 294 Ages 8 or 9+ When I was in about the fifth grade I had read the Chronicles of Narnia and was “hungry” for more books in that vein. In a church library I stumbled across John White’s The Tower of Geburah. […]

Calvin on Trusting the Love of God

In looking through the recently published new English translation of Calvin’s sermons on Luke’s infancy narratives, I came across this quote which connected with my previous posts on trusting the love of God despite our feelings or circumstances. This is another example of pastoral preaching, of which Calvin is a great example. He is known […]

Interview with Eric Smith

Eric Smith has posted an interview with me dealing with my journey in the faith and ministry. At the end of the post he also links to interviews with some of my colleagues at Union.

Calvin on Individual Oversight of the Flock

“The office of a true and faithful minister is not only publicly to teach the people over whom he is ordained to pastor, but, so far as may be, to admonish, exhort, rebuke, and console each one in particular.” – From “Visitation of the Sick”, contained in John Calvin: Tracts and Letters, vol. 2, ed. […]

Introduction to The Heidelberg Catechism

This is a great quote on the work of teaching our children the faith. I saw this in Patrick McGill’s work on a catechism for his church. It comes from the original introduction to the Heidelberg Catechism. “For from the beginning of the Christian church all the godly have been diligent to instruct their children […]

The Princess and the Goblin

The Princess and the Goblin, George Macdonald Reprint by Wordsworth Classics pb. 221 pp. Ages 7+ This was our first Macdonald story to read together. That fact, combined with the estimation by many that this is his best children’s story, led to high expectations- perhaps too high. Even though C. S. Lewis and J. R. […]

Pastoral Reflections from the Farm

A friend who is preparing to serve as a pastor recently sent me some of his reflections on pastoral ministry drawn from his work on his farm. I thought I would pass them on. As I told you, I have cows, goats, sheep, donkeys, and yes, dogs and cats on our farm. The sheep have […]

Ross Guthrie on Baptism of Children

This past Sunday my friend, Ross Guthrie, gave the following homily preceding the baptism of three children at his church. I sought permission to post this here for two main reasons. First, the age at which children should be allowed to be baptized is an issue of significant discussion and debate. While this is not […]