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Denis the Carthusian’s Commentary on the Psalms

Beatus Vir (Denis the Carthusian’s Commentary on the Psalms): Vol. 1 (Psalms 1-25); trans. Andrew M Greenwell (Arouca Press, 2020) I have thoroughly enjoyed reading this commentary along with my daily psalm reading (at least while I was in the first 25). Denis (1402-1471) lived and worked as part of the Carthusian order. I had […]

New Commentary by Grant Osborne

While at ETS I was able to pick up a copy of this new commentary– the initial volume of a new commentary series- by Grant Osborne. Grant was my supervisor in my masters work so I was delighted to hear that he had started this project- a verse by verse commentary through the NT in […]

2014 Bibles & Bible Reference Survey

Each year I write a survey article for Preaching Magazine covering the study Bibles, commentaries and other biblical reference works that have come out in the last year. The 2014 installment is now available online, covering items published roughly between last summer and this summer. Most of the books covered are in the photo above. […]

The Purpose of Biblical Exposition

In his recent volume, Philippians, Colossians, in the Reformation Commentary on Scripture series, Graham Tomlin opens by noting the “remarkable difference in tone and approach,” indeed a different “set of interests” between commentaries of the Reformation era and those of our day. To illustrate this difference he cites from the preface to a commentary on […]

How Malachi Speaks to us Today

Peter Adam’s new book, The Message of Malachi, from The Bible Speaks Today series, is really good! It is well written and is a wonderful sermonic exposition of the book with sound theological application for today. Here is a sample from the introduction which is helpful and illustrates the approach of the commentary. “There are […]

The Reformation Commentary Series

This Fall InterVarsity Press has launched their new Reformation Commentary Series, edited by Timothy George. This series collects key comments from the Reformers for each biblical book in order to help us read the Bible along with the church through the ages. In this respect this series is a companion to the Ancient Christian Commentary […]

Currid on Habakkuk

John D.  Currid, in his recent commentary, The Expectant Prophet: Habakkuk Simply Explained, sets the stage of this minor prophet with these words: “At the very heart and core of the Scriptures is the doctrine of the sovereignty of God.  What this means is that God is the Creator of the universe, Lord and Master […]

Yarbrough on 1-3 John

You just have to love a commentary which opens with a preface like the one in Bob Yarbrough’s 1, 2, and 3 John (Baker Exegetical Commentary on the New Testament).Now, I was already a Yarbrough fan having had him for German while at TEDS and enjoyed several interactions with him.Therefore, what he wrote in this […]

Africa Bible Commentary Series

Just this week I received an advanced copy of the inaugural volume of the Africa Bible Commentary series, and this volume is on the Pastoral Epistles! I have not had time to read much of it yet, but I wanted to go ahead and mention this volume to others. The series grew out of work […]

Concordia Commentary

I try to stay fairly well aware of commentaries and commentary series with my work at the Ryan Center for Biblical Studies and in writing an annual survey of Bible reference works for Preaching Magazine. However, I have recently realized that I had entirely missed a significant series. As part of the work for this […]