The Reformation Commentary Series

This Fall InterVarsity Press has launched their new Reformation Commentary Series, edited by Timothy George. This series collects key comments from the Reformers for each biblical book in order to help us read the Bible along with the church through the ages. In this respect this series is a companion to the Ancient Christian Commentary Series which focused on the church fathers. I am honored to be working on a volume in this series along with Brad Green.

Here is a nicely done trailer in which Timothy George explains the purpose and vision of the series.

As part of the launch IVP is offering a special deal for those who sign up to receive each volume of the series as it is published. Those who sign up get the inaugural volume (Gerald Bray, Galatians, Ephesians) for $9.99 (regular $50) and Timothy George’s Reading Scripture with the Reformers absolutely free! You will also get each volume as it appears for $29.99 instead of the regular $50.00.

This promises to be a helpful resource for engaging with key voices from the past, helping to rescue us from what C. S. Lewis called “chronological snobbery.”

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