The Bible for the People

“the reformation had to undo the untold damage caused by the decision made by leaders of the Roman Catholic Church that the Bible was too difficult for ordinary people, and was reserved for scholars; and that instead of the Bible, the ordinary people would have statues and paintings; ‘the bibles of the uneducated.’ This policy …

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Flung to the heedless winds

Here is another hymn related to the Reformation. A key aspect of the Reformation story concerns the people who died for the faith, seeking to being the Scriptures and the gospel to their people. This hymn written by martin Luther captures this reality. The story is that Luther wrote these words after getting word that …

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C. S. Lewis, Children, Property & Justice

Here is C. S. Lewis dealing, parenthetically, with an issue which parents often ask about. I think he is exactly right. “The question whether the disputed pencil belongs to Tommy or Charles is quite distinct from the question which is the nicer little boy, and the parents who allowed the one to influence their decision …

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Erasmus, Confidence in Scripture

“Consider, too, that none of those things you see with your eyes and touch with your hands are as real as the truths you read there [in Scripture]…. Remember that men lie, that they are deceived, but that the truth of God neither misleads nor is itself misled.” – Erasmus, Enchiridion