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Luther as Father

In the Van Neste household here today is celebrated as Reformation Day and the kids love it. We do well to remember our roots in the Reformation and the blessings in many areas which have come to us as a result of this historic renewal of the church. There are many important things which grew […]

Reformation Day 2008

Happy Reformation Day! Others may engage in Halloween or worry about Election Day, but let the church rejoice in the reminder of the recovery of the Gospel and in the reminder of the value of laboring for the purity of the church! At Union we have had two wonderful chapel messages this week dealing with […]

CT Article on the Psalms

Christianity Today has just published an excellent article on praying the Psalms by Ben Patterson. Patterson recounts his own experience of learning more about prayer by praying the Psalms. This is an excellent article which makes me interested to check out the book from which this article is drawn- God’s Prayer Book: The Power and […]

Stetzer on Living the Gospel

Ed Stetzer was our speaker in chapel here at Union today. He did a great job preaching on living the gospel from 2 Cor 5:16-21. You can access the audio here. He quoted Mark Twain saying that the church is good people standing in front of good people telling them how to be good people. […]

The Use of the Psalms

Over the years I have become increasingly interested in the role that the Psalms have played historically in the worship and life of Christians. Rarely in my circles does one ever hear of how central the Psalms have been in the congregational singing of the church historically or how common has been the practice of […]

Persecution and Slavery in Asia

My friend Phil Eyster, of Eagle Projects International, has just returned from a mission trip to Asia and has reported on it in his mission ‘plogs’ (follow the link and click on ‘plogs’). The photo shown here is of some girls they have helped rescue from the child slavery market. Phil wrote: I wanted to […]

Iron Scouts of the Confederacy

Iron Scouts Of The Confederacy, by Lee McGiffin (Christian Liberty Press, 1993), pb., 157 pp. Ages 6+ This was a fun book which also introduces the reader to some key leaders in the Confederate cavalry who are often overlooked today. According to the foreword, this book “chronicles the true adventures of two teenage brothers who […]


I have been thinking a good bit recently about the problem of fatherlessness in our churches. In crisis after crisis I discover that one root has been the absence of a father in someone’s life- through absence, neglect, or abuse. I have seen enough of this that it has made me all the more earnest […]

Roger the Ranger

Roger the Ranger: A Story of Border Life Among the Indians , Eliza Pollard (Inheritance Publications, 2008; originally published in London, S. W. Partridge & Co., 1893) pb., 210 pp. Ages 6+ This is an exciting story following the fortunes of two families in colonial America who have been very close for years but end […]

Reading and Family Bonding

But anyone who has had children knows that reading (especially reading together) lies at the heart of familial bonding. – p. 12 in Seth Lerer, Children’s Literature: A Reader’s History from Aesop to Harry Potter , University of Chicago Press, Chicago, 2008