Roger the Ranger

Roger the Ranger: A Story of Border Life Among the Indians
, Eliza Pollard
(Inheritance Publications, 2008; originally published in London, S. W. Partridge & Co., 1893)
pb., 210 pp.
Ages 6+

This is an exciting story following the fortunes of two families in colonial America who have been very close for years but end up divided by the French and Indian War. My boys enjoyed the action and suspense. I also appreciated a good portrayal of life and issues of the time. Pollard gives a positive assessment of British and French leaders (Wolfe and Montcalm, as well as Howe). There is a fairly balanced view of both sides in the war which is valuable.

This book is a good representative of 19th century children’s historical fiction. Key virtues such as bravery, nobility, loyalty, faith, and family are stressed. War, at times, does seem to be presented as a good in itself, though.

In the end, this was a fun, informative read which encouraged key virtues. We enjoyed it and would commend it to others.

(The Amazon link says this book is out of print, but it is not. It is still available from the publisher).

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