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Do You Desire the Office of Overseer?

In expounding Paul’s comment on people desiring the office of overseer (1 Timothy 3:1), Calvin deals extensively with sinful (arrogant) and proper desire for such a position. He notes the difficulty of the work and that in Paul’s day as in his own, a man could not be a Minister of the word of God […]

“The Saving of Souls,” Calvin on Pastoral Duty

“The Holy Ghost called them also Bishops, that is to say, watchmen over the flock, to show that it is not an honor of idleness to be called to this state, and therefore that he must not be idle, but know that he is sent to go about the saving of souls, and therefore must […]

Calvin, “Fools Scorn Motherhood”

I continue to be blessed by Calvin’s exposition of 1 Timothy (see previous post). While preaching 1 Timothy 2:15 Calvin took considerable space to reflect on how this text shows God’s approval of the state of motherhood. His words are strikingly contemporary as today we are also needing to re-assert the value of this wonderful […]

John Calvin & Evangelism

A main reason some people are adverse to John Calvin is that all they know of him is his teaching on predestination, and they fear this teaching destroys evangelism. But, whether or not one agrees with Calvin, it is only fair to note that he did not see predestination as an impediment to or negation […]

Pride: The Source of Heresy

“This is the beginning and root of all heresy, which has been in all times: even this, that those who understood the Gospel would show themselves as men full of ambition and pride, and instead of dedicating themselves to God.” –  John Calvin, Sermon on 1 Timothy 1:18-19

Pastors’ Conference in Edinburgh, Feb 25

February 25 I will have the privilege of participating in a conference for church leaders at Charlotte’s Chapel in Edinburgh, Scotland. “The Call: Leadership Conference” will have as its theme “The Leader as Shepherd” and will take place from 9:30am to 4:00pm. The cost is just £15 which includes lunch and over 10 books on […]

New Festschrift for Howard Marshall

Over the holidays the new festschrift for Howard Marshall became available through Amazon. It is titled New Testament Theology in Light of the Church’s Mission: Essays in Honor of I. Howard Marshall, and I had the pleasure of co-editing it with Jon Laansma and Grant Osborne. In light of Howard’s profound influence on New Testament […]

Majesty & Preaching

“God does not want temples here to play around and laugh in, as in a theater; but there must be a majesty in one’s words by which we may be moved and touched and receive profitable instruction which leads to salvation.” – John Calvin, sermon on 1 Tim 1:3-4

Quotes from The Rage Against God

To illustrate some of the insight and good writing to be found in Peter Hitchens’ book, The Rage Against God, I have simply pasted in some of my favorite quotes from the book. This book is to put on your list for reading this year. “…enormous and intrusive totalitarian state power, especially combined with militant […]

Poetry and Beauty as Apologetics

I have already listed Peter Hitchens’ book, The Rage Against God, as one of the best books I read last year. I had meant to comment much more on the books contents which are rich on a variety of topics and levels. One point made often in the book is the power of poetry and […]