New Festschrift for Howard Marshall

Over the holidays the new festschrift for Howard Marshall became available through Amazon. It is titled New Testament Theology in Light of the Church’s Mission: Essays in Honor of I. Howard Marshall, and I had the pleasure of co-editing it with Jon Laansma and Grant Osborne. In light of Howard’s profound influence on New Testament studies and his bolstering of evangelical scholarship, through his writing, teaching and mentoring, we thought it appropriate that a second festschrift be presented to him. The title reflects an emphasis in Howard’s work- the exposition of the New Testament ought to advance the missionary endeavor of Christ’s kingdom.

Though Howard and I differ on any number of topics, I have had the pleasure of observing his love for the church, his humility, and his passion for evangelism. He has been a helpful example to me, and it was a pleasure to write a biographical sketch for this volume.

We were pleased to have such a gathering of respected scholars contribute to this volume. I have pasted in here the table of contents so you can see the essays and contributors to the volume.

I. Howard Marshall: An Appreciation
Ray F. Van Neste

A Bibliography of I. Howard Marshall

The Gospel for All Peoples: Method, Integrity, Translation

Chapter 1 – Methodology of Evangelism in the New Testament: Some Preliminary Reflections
James D. G. Dunn

Chapter 2 – Freedom from the Law Only for Gentiles?  A Non-Supersessionist Alternative to Mark Kinzer’s “Postmissionary Messianic Judaism”
Craig L. Blomberg

Chapter 3 – Hearing Voices: The Foreign Voice of Paul under the Stress of Contemporary English Localization
Philip H. Towner

Chapter 4 – The Son of Man in Hebrews 2:6: A Dilemma for Bible Translators
Richard T. France

Gospels and Acts

Chapter 5 – The Gospel before the Gospels: The Preached Core Narrative
Darrell L. Bock

Chapter 6 – Matthew 5:17-20 and “A Tale of Two Missions”?
Esther Yue L. Ng

Chapter 7 – Revisiting the Johannine Water Motif: Jesus, Ritual Cleansing and Two Purification Pools in Jerusalem
Gary M. Burge

Chapter 8 – The Purpose of Luke-Acts: Reaching a Consensus
Mark L. Strauss

Chapter 9 – Neglecting Widows and Serving the Word? Acts 6:1-7 as a Test Case for a Missional Hermeneutic
Joel B. Green

Chapter 10 – Luke: Historian, Rhetor, and Theologian. Historiography and the Theology of the Speeches in Acts
Gene L. Green


Chapter 11 – The Missionary Character of 1 Corinthians
Brian S. Rosner

Chapter 12 – Church Membership and the idiwthV in the Early Corinthian Community
Andrew D. Clarke

Chapter 13 – Old Testament Paradoxes in Galatians: Rethinking the Theology of Galatians
Maureen W. Yeung

Chapter 14 – Missio Dei and Imitatio Dei in Ephesians
Roy E. Ciampa

Chapter 15 – An Ideal Missionary Prayer Letter: Reflections on Paul’s Mission Theology as Expressed in Philippians
Alistair I. Wilson

Chapter 16 – Paul’s Missionary Preaching in 1 Thessalonians 2:1-16, with an Apocalyptic Addition from 2 Thessalonians
Anthony C. Thiselton

Chapter 17 – “Prayer” and the Public Square: 1 Timothy 2:1-7 and Christian Political Engagement
Greg A. Couser

Chapter 18 – Schlatter on the Pastorals: Mission in the Academy
Robert W. Yarbrough

Chapter 19 – “Nobody knows de trouble I seen”: Hardship Lists in Paul and Elsewhere
Paul Ellingworth

Hebrews and Revelation

Chapter 20 – Hebrews and the Mission of the Earliest Church
Jon C. Laansma

Chapter 21 – The Mission to the Nations in the Book of Revelation
Grant R. Osborne

Chapter 22 – Early Christian Mission and Christian Identity in the Context of the Ethnic, Social, and Political Affiliations in Revelation
Eckhard J. Schnabel

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