Richard Furman on Teaching Your Children

While working on a chapter on communion I came across a circular letter written by Richard Furman in 1806. Furman was one of the leading Baptist pastors of the time, serving as pastor of First Baptist Charleston, SC, the first president of the Triennial Convention, and first president of the South Carolina Baptist Convention. In …

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Dockery’s Fall ’09 Reading List

My president, David Dockery, has just released his recommended reading list for this fall. He does this on a regular basis recommending new and important books. His recommendation is not of course an endorsement of everything said in these books but an acknowledgement of the importance of the book in current discussions. Recommended Reading List …

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Ortlund Encouragement to Read the Bible

Ray Ortlund has recently posted three items that are powerful encouragements in reading the Scriptures- not just today but over the decades. These thoughts have lingered with me, some over several days, challenging me deeply and encouraging me just as deeply. They have made me want to be more diligent, more consistent, more believing and …

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Trueman on Leadership and Making Difficult Decisions

Carl Trueman has another insightful article this time on leadership. Trueman discusses the tendency today to avoid any decision which will cause any offense. This, he argues, is not an option for those in real leadership positions. Pastors are leaders and we ought to know the reality of Trueman’s statements. If we are going to …

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What are Great Books?

My colleague, Brad Green, sent me this quote from Serge Lancel in his book, St Augustine, on what great books are: ” . . . they are the repositories of irreplaceably personal words which achieve their deepest meaning in the setting of a closely circumscribed area of someone’s life.” (p. 204)