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“I’m trusting Daddy”

Today I’ve run some errands with my younger two children (Abigail, 8 yrs old & Timothy, 6 yrs old). Everybody else is gone for the day so it’s just the three of us (which means frozen yogurt for lunch, tree climbing, playing tag and who knows what else). As we left one stop which is […]

A Prayer from Pascal on Contentment

I have been rebuked and helped recently by this prayer from Pascal.   Forgive us Oh Lord, for we do not rest satisfied with the present.  We anticipate the future as too slow in coming, as if in order to hasten its course; or we recall the past, to stop its too rapid flight.  So […]

The Battle of Life

My poem of the week this week is “The Battle of Life,” by Elizabeth Prentiss. It is a good reminder to me of the call to press on beyond my comforts in obedience to the work the Lord calls me to. It is so easy to shift to pursuing my comfort rather than seeking first […]

Narnia & Living in Forgiveness

I am now reading back through the Chronicles of Narnia with my younger children. No matter how many times I re-read these stories it is a gospel-rich joy. It is fun to share the wonder with my children to whom it is new and to be caught up in the stories again. Recently we read […]